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His whole life is a vacation. He's never worked a day in his pathetic life.

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Because they ARE criminals!

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Is this real, or a shitpost?

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That's F'ing disgusting! Never touched the stuff, thank God. Coffee and iced tea are my energy drink choices.

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Shit, I thought we were gonna learn the Hilldawg finally expired.

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What's with that dumpy outfit? LOL

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I've seen similar statements here from handshakes. Clearly, they are shills trying to get pedes to jump on the 'threat' bandwagon. Whether it's our 1st A right to make certain statements or not doesn't matter anymore. The scum calling the shots right now do not care about our rights or the law. Best just to be mindful of what you post here, and on any other platforms. No one is safe from these tyrants.

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Fat dope in the second row playing with her hair

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"welcomed for just being themselves..."

Being yourself is being the sex you were born as.

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These people are truly delusional. Either that, or they think Wyoming women are really stupid.

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