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I've been looking for one so damn bad.

Went the cheap route and took my luck on a MillSurp Type 65 SKS. All matching minus stock but it has awesome trench art.

14m Jianshe Arsenal 26. Best date I could com up with is 68'-69'

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I feel you brother. I have that anger in me as well, but I have to constantly tell myself that now isn't the time.

Realistically, noone wants to be the first to go, but when the line is FINALLY met.

Ohh boy is it gonna be a fucking ride.

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Bitch ain't even gonna live long enough to enjoy her life.

Just remember, don't carry snacks on you. She can sniff it out!

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In Jersey we called that Rumble Fumble. We also played Manhunt which is a mixture of Hide&Seek W/ Tag.

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Serbs don't fuck around.

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Good you giant faggot!

You may have jogged yourself into Mayor, but you'll ALWAYS be a faggot!

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Say what you want about Kanye. Some of it may even be True.

The man is trying to do better! I for one respect the HELL out of him for that.

He's literally putting his Money where his Mouth is.

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"notice me, semmmmmmpai"


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Nothing against you per se, but some of you have Qanons living rent free in your heads.

To the point it becomes a psychosis.

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At least they have their own house.

I don't give a fuck about money or being rich.

Just need some property, my Family, and my Firearms I lost in a boating accident. Tis a shame. Tis a shame.

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Bullshit you giant Racist.

In this case the word is actually used correctly.

Get the fuck over it.

America paid her debt in Blood. We're even.

Take the diaper off, take the Binky out and act like adults for fucks sake.

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I would have shot him IMMEDIATELY.

I hope the Aryans gang rape this faggot.

I want his anus prolapsed, harder than Obummers.

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I was taught this, and I will teach my kids this as well.

There is two sides to every race.

There are nigg nogs, than there are black people.


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Maybe, maybe not.

I also know other People whom didn't take advantage of the Surgery and stretched out their Stomach and gained weight again.

Again, going by what my Surgeon and Nutritionist said.

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Understand what? 😂😂😂😂

That it's a MAN BABY

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