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Master of optics as always. Look at how Presidential this looks. If someone had absolutely no idea who Trump was or who Biden was and played this clip side by side with a clip of any of Biden’s recent “speeches” and were asked to guess who was President I’d wager 95%+ would guess Trump.

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If you’ve ever had chicken pox the virus just stays dormant in your body forever. As you get older the immune system weakens and the virus gets a chance to rev back up. Bam- shingles. Any illness or stress on your immune system when you’re older can be enough to distract it for long enough to develop shingles. A cold, the flu, a vaccine, etc. Interestingly shingles never used to be much of a problem before the chickenpox vaccine as adults were constantly being exposed to the virus (from sick kids) and it acted as a natural “booster shot.”

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You’ve got to be kidding me. Is this honestly real?

Because if so all I can ask is seriously? This is the horrible crime they’re going to try to hang him with? You’d have to be a brain dead idiot to think this is worthy of bringing someone to court over. Of course they are liberals sooooo...

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The left was just watching to get their daily dose of “OrAngE MaN bAD!!”

Now that Trump’s quite they’re left with Biden fluff pieces. And nobody wants to watch that.

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Stop trying to make fetch happen. It’s not going to happen.

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Supposedly helps drain lymph, reduce swelling, and prevent delayed muscle soreness.

Seems kinda pseudoscience-y to me.

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Kinesiology tape is what it’s called.

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“In joining the Christchurch Call, the United States will not take steps that would violate the freedoms of speech and association protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, nor violate reasonable expectations of privacy.”

[X] Doubt

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Point 3.3 is likely incorrect. Nothing is getting altered in your actual nuclear DNA.

Otherwise good graphic. The auto-immune stuff is what worries me the most about these “vaccines”. Having your body produce proteins that intentionally trigger your immune system just sounds like an auto-immune problem waiting to happen. Not to mention the chances of clotting and who knows whatever else.

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Holy shit did you get that image from my post? If so that’s kind of cool to see Pedes sharing it around.

Either way- glad others can see how stupid these headlines are!

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“For everyone’s safety we’re now requiring proof that you’ve received both covid vaccinations along with your covid booster shot and your influenza shot. If you do not comply you’ll be terminated bigot.”

☝︎︎ coming soon.

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Been saying this for a few months now. This winter they’re going to go full force with the “this flu season is the WORST we’ve ever seen!!!” narrative to force us back into lockdown bullshit.

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Been here since r/t_d had about 1000 members. Oh how things have changed since then....

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Has there been any word at all of when the AZ audit is scheduled to be done?

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His forearms are also way out of proportion (far too long).

It gets worse the more you look at it. Good thing most people can’t stand to look at it for too long.

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The /s was implied by the “kek”

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