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Probably from some STD

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Tell them if they say another word about the shot, you will do whatever it takes, go where ever necessary, to actually catch covid. And you won't stop there, you'll make it a point to infect them to prove the vaccines are worthless.

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Same puppets would be pulling the strings even if he'd be in a coma

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They want to delay seeing the ballots for 22 months, and then they are allowed to shred them, or claim they were shredded.

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If Texas would pass a state law, that makes it a crime to violate any federal law, all these invaders can be arrested and held on state charges.

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It's not a "disconnect", it's purposeful deceit.

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And the Media is hiding it! Media is always biased against Biden!

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I don't believe, specific surveillance methods and targets, almost never leak. The chicoms would know exactly which communication is compromised. Likely they wouldn't be calling anyone on the spot either.

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He should be demoted to private, striped of all medals, dishonorably discharged, forefeit all pension. And then tried for sedition and hanged from a Robert E Lee statue, if found guilty.

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After 18 months of "enhanced unemployment" benefits, bus drivers are too lazy to go back to work. It's happening all over the country.

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We are not forcing you to bake the cake, you can just shut down your bakery instead.

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The only one that should be resigning is Biden. Everyone else is just a scapegoat.

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