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What nooooocleur documents does he have ?

You fucking soy boys latch onto everything while the media and the pollies like Pelosi laugh and make bank off you.

When you look in the mirror, aren't you sick of seeing a sheep ?

by Ryoten
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It all began with that smile, the God dawn Smile.

And Gina is hot too ....

Just kidding. Well done brother.

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There's a large contingent of people who still believe the MSM. They're programmed, literal NPCs.

But once they have awaken, there is no turning back.

It's possible, I've converted a couple, but it's hard work.

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They are not going to let Trump run.

His voter turnout for 24 will be 90 million+.

No amount of fraud can cater for that.

They will not give up power.

They will perp walk Trump.

I just his supporters are ready and prepared to support him.

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Not enough.

They are going to indict and prosecute.

They will not let him run again.

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Impossible, there are still people who are Democrat enough to believe the whole Russia Russia Russia thing.


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So has everyone American on this site signed up to be an election worker yet?

This site is so frustrating.

And not aimed at you if you have, but come on, there's got to be more than the dooming going on here.

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Q was detrimental to the cause.

It was designed to, and successfully placated people to trust the plan, AND DO NOTHING.

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pathetic. do something. there is no more "if x does y, well, I'm gonna do z".

they've done x, y, z, a, b, c while this place just post Sunday Gunday pics ...

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You can't know love until you've known heartbreak.

Letssssssss gooooooooo!

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lots of MIL shills in here today.

Pelosi meeting her maker would please both the left and the right.

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China is less of a threat to the USA than Pelosi.

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Our deaths are very low due to high vax rates in Delta and we're not filled with obese fat fucks like the US.

More people are waking up to the fact that the fake vaccines are useless for Omicron and future variants.

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