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Don't worry about guns. US has millions of them and have done nothing. At least we have somewhat secure elections and an actual border.

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The irony of your statement.

Nothing will happen because good people like you will do nothing.

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He's going the political route.

And so he should.

He's not going to lead an army.

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Now just send me a boat so I can sail to the US of A!

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Nah, I made the best decision for my counties and families situation imo.

I looked at the available data. There isn't going to be a mass death event with the vaccine. Covid also isn't as deadly as the media portrays.

Next year there'll be more the treatments available.

Maybe I'm a coward, but then aren't we all in some ways (Jan6) ...

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It does, but it has a short efficacy life.

Probably 6 months.

So essentially useless.

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I'm in Aus and have been guilted into it as well.

I took one for the team so my kids don't have to get it.

If I die, I've left the world some great based kids and they'll be financially secure.

If I survive, I won't be getting a booster. I hope by next year we'll have at home therapeutics and I'll be pushing my reps to ensure we so.

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At least we have honest elections.

What has your guns stopped your government form doing to you?

Lockdowns? Locking up political activists?

We're all fighting this together, guns won't make a difference.

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It won't get flipped because you keep pushing goal posts further away. You're now at some non-existant trigger point.

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Randpaul accolite talking about not following through.

Fk off shill

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A bloke who wears fishnets .... of course.

How embarrassing is Joe Biden.

But how embarrassing are you .. shilling for the guy lol

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So Biden was incapable of reneging on the deal?

And GEOTUS is responsible for Bidens hilariously inept withdrawal.

That you Hunter ?

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You just know this dad thinks CNN and Rachel Madcow are real news.

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Please ... FOR FUCKS SAKE please let their be some action.

And thanks for your posts Professor.

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Yet the only thing we miss out on are Sunday Gunday and "her der I went boating" posts.

We're all friends here.

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All the best. Hope for a quick recovery for you and family. Thanks for posting your experience.

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