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The cop-hate is not a MAGA position. There are enough neo-Nazi and antifa and glowies etc on any board like this to take any gien thread into very negative territory. Yes some legit people are down on cops but they get paid to carry out orders, not examine their consciences and act accordingly.

If they arrest you ina blue city iut's likely they themselves are blue. If they do it in a red city under orders from whomever has the power then they're just arresting you or telling you to disperse or whatever. They're not dragging you to the motherfucking gas chamber and they wouldn't.

Of course there are things they wouldn't do (unless they're blue people in blue cities like DC and, apparently, DC jailers).

They have to do their job and you have to do yours. Both sides play their part. It's called civil disobedience- they're the obedience part and you're the civil-dis part.

We are not in a hot civil war so just chill out and keep your eyes on the audit. We are going to take back this nation one changed mind at a time and there's nothing they can do to stop us.

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Fuentes is a reactionary low-thought idiot.

He's my candidate for a paid disrupter. Nothing he ever says is in any way constructive or helpful. This is typical.

Cops are just people folks. Nothing more and certainly nothing less.

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Right like communists are a subset of autists. They're the Venn diagram between autism and anti-social personality and extroversion.

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How about freedom loving people of all races need to unite.

There's more of them.

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Yes pain relief should be avialable to anyone who needs it. Anything else is inhumane in the extreme.

Kids are not a shield I agree. They're used cynically by pols and activists when it suits them (and when it doesn't they let adults in to oogle them in their own bathrooms)

The fact is if a kid is exposed to drug in utereo or throughout his toddler and childhood years, he's fucked for no reason he had anything to do with. We're literally making irresponsibility and self-destructive lifestyle a near-genetic thing to be passed down from generation to generation.

That can't be acceptable in a civilized society that cares about all its citizens.

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Sorry if I misunderstood you but it's a joke to say leftist Jews are Zionists. I mean, that's a complete and total inversion of reality. National Socialism ws the full name for Nazis so yeah, probably Israel is not that into Hitler et. al.

The fact is for 2 millennia people have treated this population horrificly. Consequently, as a direct consequence, they get their own nation, filled with their own people and they get to defend it.

Any other POV is totally ahistorical. It's hilarious that the left who whines about the treatment of black billionaires and Austrailian Aboriginals get bent out of shape when Israel tries to protect it's people on this tiny sliver of land after all the documented abuse they've absorbed and all the peace offers they've made to their antagonists. The fact is the Palestinians are being poorly lead.

If it were up to me they could have New York State. I think it's actually bigger than Israel. I'd love to give them a blue state or two, then ship those peple off ot fucking Sweden or some place. The time when solutions like that were thinkable are gone I'm afraid. We coudl always just ask NYers to leave I suppose.

But Israelis wouldn't take it anyways even if we offered. That is their homeland and they aren't going anywhere.

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This is a page on how collectivists start up genocide. Not sure who is behind it or what else he has on his site. The page I liked to looked legit as far as I read it.

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Well they're killing off the whole idea of woman. I don't know why feminism hates men so much. I think it's agenda is set by lesbians who just hate men for competing with them for the females they desire. Seriously.

Men our age had like zero chauvinism in them. I never thought "oh it's a woman, she won't be able to do it" anywhere in my professional life. I don't know anyone who did.

Feminism is a project looking for a cause. I's just been trojan horsed by power mad people, women, who are going to ride that horse until it collapses underneath them.

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It's time to start thinking about the media in terms of their criminal co-conspiracy wrt to the stories they present. I am not suggesting pre-emptively stopping people from publishing, but Trump was on to something when he said the liable laws need to be relaxed.

Here we have a media conspiring- that's the right word- to deny knowledge of life-saving treatments available to people who otherwise did die.

At what point is the media guilty of simply maliciously harming people through the device of lying to them ? A court said Maddow can use words like "actually literally are Russian agents" towards people who actually and literally are not with zero reprocussion. The media is free to lie all they want about anything whatsoever and participate in cover-ups in situations which for any of us would constitute the crime of being an accessory after the fact.

At one time, the idea that the media had to give equal time to controversial topics passed consitutional muster. That wasn't because they use public airwaves, that just enabled it. It was because people understood the power of the media to form reality for millions of viewers.

Youtube took down and censored- unbidden by any government agency btw- life saving information about ivermectin. They will say in their defense that they just doing what the CDC recommended and they were therefore responsible corporate citizens, but, yeah, that's a lie isn't it? Google is up to its neck in COVID-19 and the research which produced it and they are the corporate beneficiaries of money poured into that research:


If lots of people die, then lots of money flows. If a 50 cent pill can save most people, (<---- censored by Google), then lots of money doesn't flow. If COVID-19 was lab created ( <--- censored by Google), and Google funded that research then someone might start getting interested is just exactly what the fuck Google and 23AndMe are cooking up in their labs. If COVID-19 fell out of a bat's ass and Google research helped BigPharma find a vax in record time then Google looks more like a hero.

If they'll silence you for your political opinions using tools they create and control, what are they willing to do with biological and genetic tools they create and control ? What is silencing someone except total and absolute contempt for that person and rejection of them as an autonmous agent equal in value to Google and its employees ?

What DeSantis or Trump needs to do is a lot more than "break up YouTube" . They need to go in there and find out what they're doing and when they find evidence of genetic research which could be turned into a WMD and evidence of them trying to locate a genetic marker which identifies their political opponents, which, let's face it, is most likely exactly what they're doing, then they need to raid them, brutally and the gloves have to come off and the reearchers and executives need to find out exactly how far the United States government is willing to go to preserve this union and protect its people and if no one ever sees those people again then so be it.

This is existential. One of the reasons the left may be so antagonistic towards the rest of the nation and so bold in their assualt on our nation's values and institutions is because they have heard that a company like Google is this far from being able to identify and wipe out a large part of the population targeted down to the level of the individual. That is certainly the fantasy of every totalitarian autocrat who has ever lived and every weapon of war ever devised has been on a trajectory to achieving exactly that end.

So how close are they? Really, that's the question we should be asking ourselves. If they can deploy something like that, they will because there will be no one to call them to account afterwards. Certainly that describes Serge Brin and Larry Page's attitude towards literally every project they've ever undertaken starting with their theft of services at Stanford for which they were disciplined. But Ring is more of the same, sin't it? What gives them the right to keep a camera trained on our front door 24/7 looking directly into our windows just because our neighbor bought a Ring?

What I am saying is this is open running sociopathy mated with a trillion or more in financial resources. This is exactly what we pay taxes to our government to protect us from, these types of deeply defective individuals and their historically completely predictable dreams of world domination which only needs a little genocide to get them there.

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Well that's the general argument for drug legalization. I would prefer to go the opposite way, like Singapore did. Drugs, even ones like pot, have definite effects on adult's brains and even more so on children's brains. If pot is legalized, you'll have kids who are totally compromised from birth. Guess which population that is going to be. Not the elite, that's for sure. And don't even get me started on drugs like amphetamines and opiates.

The democrats hate minorities and do everything they can think of to destroy every bit of stability, community and hope they have. The fact that they say they're doing the opposite while they do it is totally irrelevant. Legalising drugs is a pure assault on minorities and the democrats know it.

The only thing black people are good for in the eyes of democrats is voting for them.

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NYS is New York State and the People there control the Supreme Court Of New York State.

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You can't conceive of what NYC was like before this fucking hero and Bernard Kerik cleaned it up. What is was under Dinkins. Does anyone in NYS remember? Do they appreciate what he bequeathed to them?

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No his dad is Peak Democrat. Biden is on the slide down.

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