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Is being severely mentally ill going to start being a requirement on job postings?

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All the live feeds of the people counting during the election were nothing but people that looked like BLM rioters.... First time I've ever seen anyone but old white people counting votes, ever.

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Whitepeople/blackpeopletwitter are the fucking worst, basically CNN.

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Of course they choose the least flattering picture of her to display, fucking demons.

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The police should just let them at each other, I grew up around the corner from the projects, the sheer amount of police activity needed to keep them from crumbling is shocking. Shit, there was a small police precinct built into one of the project buildings.

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Parenting kids is hard work, you can't expect these people to put in any type of effort, instead they want to blame imaginary racism.

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There wouldn't be any properly run businesses left...

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I grew up in the projects, the problem is parents, kids are raised to be uncivilized animals and then cry racism when you point out that they aren't for for regular society.

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The problem we all have is we refuse to live on welfare like Dem libtards, so everyone not self employed (most) has to play this stupid fucking game.

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Pfizer is worse, they just pay the Dems more so nobodies saying shit about bells palsy and heart attacks shortly after taking that poison.

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I know where you are coming from, I grew up in one of the shittiest neighborhoods in New York and spend a ton of time in college learning to speak properly and unlearn the ghetto bullshit all my peers lived by.

I grew up in the 90's when white guys were just white guys, the "racist" ones weren't even like white supremacists they usually has some jokes but that was it, you could come back with a joke about white people and move on. The evolution into "all white people are bad" is calculated and planned, it's a shocker that none of these liberals notice propaganda.

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Believe me, I consider every patriot a brother and fellow American, but with the libs everything breaks down to race and sex. Imagine trying to have a discussion with these people about non-existent systemic racism, and criminals getting shot because they're fucking criminals.

I've been called a "white supremacist" for having basic common sense.

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As a colored person with common sense and a backbone I've countered all racism with civilized speech and impeccable offensive comedy, and haven't seen real wide spread racism until Obama came to office... and that was my own people hating white people.

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Is it curfew time yet? Biden doesn't have to worry about public opinion, pretty sure they're going to shut these rioters down quick.

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Education and to stop the glorification of gangster culture, learning to act civilized and speak proper english we're the only things that got me out of one of the shittiest neighborhoods in my state.

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This, here in NYC the nypd probably has a bigger militarized presence than a lot of countries, I'd rather have my 2nd amendment rights.

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They all also had brand new fake body armor and sights their financial backers bought off wish.

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They can just identify as trans, they'll probably have the amount doubled.

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