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Bro, you don't chase a woman. You chase a purpose. Then woman will recognize your worth and chase you.

You need to pick that purpose carefully. Something that you love to do. Something that you can be successful at. Something that people who are successful at can become wealthy. And stable.

Then, and only then, will a good woman find you.

Don't focus on pussy. Focus on success. Throw yourself at your goal with so much energy that you can't be bothered to look at woman. You're too busy for dating. You've got a dream and bitches get in the way.

REAL woman will recognize your trajectory and chase you.

Now rub some dirt on that injury and get back out there!

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Till they don't rescue your children

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The cops literally blocked parents from saving their children.

Blame the cops.

Bye spi

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Unless you're an illegal alien

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Emotional pleas mean nothing to me.

Come back when you have a logical argument.

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Choosing to suck another man's dick is worthy of being made fun of.

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That's how men act when they're attention whores and their STEPDAUGHTERS are killed.

Not even his kid.

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Already working plan B.

Winners don't wait. They procreate.

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That devildog looks like he has never smiled in his life.

Fucking badass leather neck.

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Did you ever check into the Vegas shooter? Sandy hook?

Do you do videos of your findings?

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Was just told that the place where I teach martial arts suddenly doesn't want me in the space after June because the energy I bring isn't right for the yoga that's taught there when I'm not even in the building.

Yoga bitches be extra crazy.

I just stared at her until she said everything then walked away.

Agreed that I don't have to pay rent for may or June. I silently stare at her. Said she was sorry it didn't work out. Still staring .

She just walks away.

I could just choke a bitch.

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Are you planning to deep dive the data on this?

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So... You're a whore.

That's the word you're looking for. It already exists. You don't need to invent anything.

You're a whore.

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I've got 2 guns, 1 for each of ya.

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