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"It will be pretty weird for the next few decades.

Einstein hypothesized that the earth's crust unlocks and the planet tilts 90 degrees every 12,000 years. The last time it happened was 12,000 years ago. The current prediction is around 2045 as predicted in a book called the Adam and Eve Story written in the 50s or 60s."

He had no idea how to respond. Radio silence so far. I've got so much ammo against the human-blamed climate bullshit that he is gonna hate ever bringing it up.


Does anyone have up to date info on Washington states meeting yesterday regarding WAC 246-100-040?

Procedures for isolation or quarantine.


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Ooooh, look! A post about j6.

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So you will all shut the fuck up about AOC. she's never gonna fuck you

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It was striking. I was working a both at a Christmas bazaar Sunday in the next town over. 90% mask compliant. I was disappointed in people's sheeple tendencies. Along comes a family of 5. Mom, dad, 2 pre teen boys and an baby in mom's arms. All masked but the baby. As soon as I noticed the baby I got eye contact and smiled. He stared at my face with a curiosity that made me want to dick punch his dad. I kept looking at the boy, smiling and said "hello little one" he just stared. The parents turned to keep shopping and the little buddy craned his neck to look over his mother's shoulder as they walked away. He stared at me until he got far enough that he saw a woman without a mask. He then fixated on her. Very little expression.

I was furious at her parents. Gonna be one fucked up generation coming.

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I am self employed. I work from home. I live in a hick town. Hours from big cities.

I like to take a break from my home- office a few times per week, to soak in humans during my day.

Today i sat in my local bar,1of 3, and several, seemingly physically fit, men walked in dutifully wearing their face diaper.

And I'm reminded of a post i made last year.

Even strong men can be weak and gay!

The men around my community work hard for their living. And suck at defending that work.

Put your mask on when you walk in to a bar, fags. So that you will be allowed to buy a drink.



God has called me to a purpose this week. Please post links to anything having to do with proof or anecdotes about how the vaccine is linked to miscarriages. I have created a Bitchute page and will be producing videos to spread the word to anyone hoping to get pregnant and thinking about getting vaccinated. I will be doxxing my face to be proud that we need no longer fear being labeled for anything. Their words can't hurt the children of God.


So many of you guys wished us well when I announced the pregnancy last Friday. I just found out 10 minutes ago that the baby's heart stopped yesterday.

Yes! The parents are vaccinated.

Yes! I tried to warn them.

No! I'm not ok right now.

I just wanted to let those of you who wished us well know what happened. I also talked about not thinking I'd have grandchildren because of the shot and then she showed me the baby ultrasound image. And i hoped beyond hope that i was wrong.

Now, I'm gonna go away for a while. I won't be responding to anyone so you don't have to post anything.

I need to be alone right now.

God bless all of you. See you in a few days, maybe.


I'm a motherfucking granddad, bitches! Wooooooooooooooo

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