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Imagine telling someone just 20 or 30 years ago what it would be like today

There is no way you could convince them it was true

A country ruled by violent black rioters and cross dressing pedophiles

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Orange is the new black?

Or orange man good?

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He might be paying extra security to protect him from NYPD lol

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Shame is the main motivation in suicide

Go ride the bus downtown sometime and you'll see that black people have no shame

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Johnny Cash definitely never did time at Folsom prison

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Well accept that you're an outlier then and use your superior logical intellect to realize the benefit of emotional appeal when dealing with groups of people

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Every civilized society on earth is built on a foundation of violence and maintained with violence

The only people who preach nonviolence are those that want to keep their monopoly on force

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All great speakers since the beginning have appealed to emotion

It would be hard to pep talk an army into battle with "if we win, taxes could realistically drop as low as 15% for a family of 4, think of the savings!"

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Between BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), things are looking bad for the tranny globalists long term

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And not responding to the very literal and very obvious coup in 2020

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"If we kill our enemies, they win!"

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Doesn't bother me

Trump is great hes just from an era that doesn't exist any more

He still thinks we can talk our way out of this

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Yes, you're probably right. When will this plan pan out though?

Wait... Don't tell me

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Like the coup in 2020 made him stronger?

Not everything is a q esque 2 weeks worthy "happening"

Sometimes we just lose, and keep losing

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When pandering to demonic pedophiles goes wrong, part 962

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At the present trajectory, conservatives will be too scared to even visit a website like this in 5 years, your salary will be worth half in 5 years, your bills will be double in 5 years, and your kids will be taught by trannies in every classroom.

What do you imagine will happen when we "ACCELERATE?"

Some kind of uprising?

Some koombaya living off the land with nature scenario?

That's not what I'm seeing

Just a fall deeper and deeper into political impotence and slavery for ourselves and our families

Elections more rigged than they are today. History books being rewritten more and more to demonize us.

Where does it end?

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So many people here fell for the actual psyop that him and everyone else there that day were "glowies"

Do these retards ever learn? Do they just keep doubling down deeper and deeper into qtarded madness?

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