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I catch better fish than my melanated peers. Its the little things that make it all worth it.

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Something something its just healthier something estrogen synthesis or some shit.

I've given up worrying and fry everything in bacon grease or butter now. And just eat a lot of olive oil with my caprese.

Natural fat is good for you.

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And the one clinton connected woman caught for child trafficking

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Who said it best? I liked the actor who played Sam from the movie "Holes"

Much better than Jimmy savile

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An example from my life.

Hungover as sin before a college football game. But I had tickets and tried to hair of the dog my way through it. Which just didnt last. I would have killed for a quiet spot. Not going wasnt an option and I was in serious pain.

I would have been kicked out of it though for passing out. Really its gonna be a full time job actually maintaining the space for what it is intended to be for.

But they would never have a hangover recovery bunk at sporting venues. Got a crying room tho

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I switched to lazy keto and intermittent fasting and have teenaged kickstands again. Also quit weekday drinking. (Except friday... shush)

Surely not a coincidence

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He did hang out with whores from time to time.

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This is meant as an insult to david hogg. Specifically.

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I mean whatever dude. You dont have answers either. Just closed off vitriol.

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Cats out of the bag broham anybody can get the Aids. Which is why they changed the name.

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Found choked to death with a broken jaw. Coroner reports accidental death.

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