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How successful is your YouTube channel? Maybe you should do some videos and post them here.

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My brother’s wife’s father just died from your first bullet point... scary as hell.

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I don’t. You don’t try to make friends with the people who have been screaming at you and calling you a racist bigot for the last 5 years. That’s what republicans do.

The only way to destroy a liberal is to destroy them. They would gladly to the same to you.

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If a woman is 30 and still single, there is no doubt something is wrong with her. Even if it’s by “choice”.

That pretty face means nothing when she’s an absolute psycho. Those bags under her eyes say a lot of inconsolable crying has happened in her past.

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Her ugly face is a hate crime

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Sounds like Mustafa is going to have the same fate as Mufasa... too bad, so sad.

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Your moms pro vaccine

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They must have been referring to Trump, our Legal President.

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She’s puts the “dumb bitch” in dyke.

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If that were the case, then she wouldn’t have said anything about a “mental health” break. And the news wouldn’t be pushing mental health of athletes, etc.

She should have been honest.

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She’ll regret it the rest of her life. Olympians are known for being strong both physically and mentally. She was scared that she would no longer be the “best”, so she quit. That doesn’t inspire anyone.

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She’s so ugly, my balls just climb up my ass to get away...

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How about you take your new, shit account and shove it up your stupid ass...

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So many Libs I talk to are skeptical about the audit, so I always ask them “How is it that you trust the poll workers on election nightly blindly, but don’t give the auditors an ounce of trust?”

They never have a real answer.

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TRANSLATION: I had her raising my 6 kids and now my free baby sitter be ded.

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Who in the fuck even let’s this happen?

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No thanks, he’s not a faggot like you. Go fuck Michael Obama.

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