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Surfing - Illegal

Shooting up heroin while shitting on the sidewalk - Legal in clown world

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Say Their Names

  • Aaron β€œJay” Danielson

  • Ashli Babbitt

  • Rosanne Boyland

  • Jessica Doty Whitaker

  • Captain David Dorn

  • Gernon Cash

  • Ella French

  • Daisy "Jupiter" Paulsen

  • Cannon Hinnant

  • Lee Keltner

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Hopefully it goes past 25 by tomorrow. The left would lose their mind, if half the country says no.

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Then fired out of a cannon, into a brick wall.

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The creator is Mike Judge. He's right wing, and friends with Alex Jones. So no, it won't become woke.

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It's only Alex Jones, it's only Gavin McInnes, it's only Milo Yiannopoulos, it's only Gateway Pundit, it's only Senator Doug Mastriano, it's only Steve Bannon, it's only Stefan Molyneux, it's only Laura Loomer, it's only Lauren Witzke, it's only MyPillow, it's only people who link to Bitchute, it's only James O'Keefe/Project Veritas, it's only President Donald Trump/From the Desk of Donald Trump...

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We need a Crowdfund.Win

For Frens who are facing jail time for not wearing a mask, for Frens who are unjustly fired for simply holding conservative views, for Frens who are arrested for self defence against a blm/Aunt Queefa member.

For when Frens like Brandon Stratka [Creator of WalkAway Campaign] and Artur Pawlowski [Based Polish Priest], etc. were arrested.

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Haven't made an account yet, but am working on a write up.


Sara Erwin served the force for 20 years, and what's her reward for two decades of service? Being fired for calling blm[a far left radical terrorist group, known for acts of arson, looting, assault, murder, political intimidation, and so on] terrorists. Calling a terrorist group terrorists gets you fired nowadays?!? What has this world come to. I've set the goal at a reasonable 100,000, if this does well, then I'll bump it up to 250,000, and if that goal get's reached I'll make it even higher. This woman deserves every penny.

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Commercials want us to believe that half of the population is in an interracial relationship, that men are stupid/incompetent/comedic relief and that half the population is gay.

All of which couldn't be further from the truth.

Think of the last time you saw an all white, or even an all black, all asian family in a commercial. Think of the last time you saw a commercial where a man was portrayed as competent. Think of the last time you saw a commercial and there wasn't a gay person.

Whenever I see a commercial and there's a man and a woman on a couch playing a game, the woman always wins. Even though most gamers are men.

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DeSantis should just cut off all funding to school's/college's/universities that enforce mask rules. Majority of the school's would fall in line, and the ones that didn't would go bankrupt. Win Win.

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It's hosted by Nick Cannon, and looks like something furries would watch. Whoever recommended that to you, you should cut that person out of your life.

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My first pinned post!! Thanks to the mod for pinning this. (:

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He dindu nuffin!! In a past life he wuz a kang n shiet.

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For real. It's high time Christians took the rainbow back.

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