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We're not talking about Covid "vaccines." We're talking about other childhood vaxxes.

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That only applies to the Covid "vaccines." Other childhood vaxxes do not come under the EUA.

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Sadly, yes...the corrupt medical bureaucracy cannot be trusted. But you can at least raise the issue with your child's pediatrician and ask for an explanation of the ingredients if they are incomprehensible. I also think it's critical to find a pediatrician who hasn't been swallowed up by a large network. These medical networks just toe the party line...that's how they free themselves of any liability and keep themselves on the gravy train.

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You can ask your pediatrician for the insert that accompanies the vaccine and check the ingredients yourself.

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Aren't Republicans going to withdraw the request for these in January?

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I think they lost a lot more than 400 million...the 400 million represents an increase in loss due to theft from the prior year.

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2.5 million is a drop in the bucket compared to the total invested in Dems.

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With all due respect , Trump needs to shift away from these hyperbolic, self-aggrandizing kind of comments. Even if there is historic significance in this event, Trump needs to tone down the self-promotion.

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She also stood up for Trump and served on his impeachment defense team...she was very competent there. She's one of the smarter members of Congress.

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Trump is absolutely right. The slow-rolling of election results has been yet another successful psyop on the clueless American public. Expectations were high on election night, and because the results weren't tabulated then, the air was sucked out of the room. In a continuum from the last election, Republicans will pick up more seats, and they should control both House and Senate. Of course, corporate media has the public in a mindless dither, lamenting a GOP loss and blaming Trump for said fictitious loss (as they prop up Ron DeSantis so as to create as much friction as possible within the Party). Republicans should be celebrating the fact that they were able to outvote the cheating enough to get some key wins, which will enable them to further chip away at the obvious endemic voter fraud.

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Pierre Delecto...just can't accept that Trump won and he didn't. What a loser!

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