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Putin's no friend of ours since he colluded with Hillary's campaign to provide bullshit to hamper Trump's candidacy and Presidency.

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So that means Trump is a globalist shill because he parroted the same bs they used to hype the scamdemic.

You all forgot how Hillary and crew helped Russia out in their Uranium 1 deal and that Putin gave them Russian disinfo on Trump to try to subvert his candidacy back in 2016.

Now you all just suck Russias dick 24/7.

Those who had been awaken have been out back to sleep.

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If this is true, then why would anyone want to be around someone who could kill them?

Including the proudly vaccinated and boosted Trump?

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Remember when Jeb was polling higher than Trump?

Probably not, since you don't seem to understand how primaries work yet.

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No one is saying to do that, but people don't have short memories.

DeSantis is a great fighter against the communist ideology and it's influence on the left.

There's a reason he won so big last year, and it's not because he's the same as Charlie Crist, like Trump wants to claim.

So he's only a great Gov and fighter for many of the MAGA issues when he's not running for President?

People see through this charade and they have a lower opinion of Trump because of it.

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It's causing Trump to hemorrhage support.

You may not see it in this echo chamber but I've seen it with many Trump supporters I know.

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If you believe Cuomo saved lives in NY it says a lot about who you are.

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Which also doesn't link to the article.

So it's doubly gay.

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All those who have been around since the old theDonald can see the difference.

It's kind of funny that when the rumor Trump was going to be arrested came out there was a lot of violent talk here, then we hear the DOJ was going to arrest 1000 more "Jan 6ers".

We know the original guy who started this board was forced out.

So who's controlling it now, and who are they really connected too?

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Only faggots post screen shots of headlines without providing the link.

It's the gayest thing to do.

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My user name was created in 2016.

It's a reference to the red pill which Ron Paul supporters learned when he was running for President.

The only one playing this board like a fiddle are the shills trying to divide MAGA.

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