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Always thought that radiating breasts was dangerous. The cynical side of me always thought that this was done to give women cancer. Here ,let's nuke you. Oh damn, no cancer. Come back every year and get nuked. Finally you have cancer!

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Weimar has entered the chat. 🤣

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I made it all the way up to the point where the little POS cited authoritative figures such as Bill Barr, Mitch McConnell, and Liz Cheney. F right off.

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Immediately cutting all federal funding to illegals and starting immediate deportations. Would also like to see him champion a law that forces anyone who hires them to bear the cost of all the social services the lowlife scumbags have stolen from us. Seize all bank accounts and private property owned by illegals and auction it off to pay for all social services and benefits received including local education, medical care, housing, food, etc.. Fine their employers $10,000 per illegal per incident per day

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Former CIA analyst Larry Johnson, who posts regularly about current events, noted that of the 1400 people killed on the 7th about half were killed by the IDF because it was a hostage situation. I think that that fact is not widely reported. I have found Larry's analysis to be pretty accurate and I consider his work a reliable, balanced source.

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I know that Hanoi Jane Fonda got Americans killed. What's the story with Sarandon?

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I may not agree with most of what she says. But I am not liking seeing people take a victory lap for censoring someone. If you can justify this, you can justify putting J6ers behind bars.

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Hell, we could pay off the national debt at the same time, by holding lotteries for citizens who want the honor of ridding humanity of the filth. I'm sure we could raise a cool billion raffling off the tickets for Hillary's demise.

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How fitting that the J6 tapes were released the day this dumb Cunt decided to make such a public fool of herself. No refunds.

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Thank you. Attorney Robert Barnes has often talked about how Kaiser Permanente shared its records with the State of California. He explained that the danger is in the state knowing about peoples sex lives, prescriptions, mental disorders, etc. and using it for blackmail.

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I remember watching it in real time, and absolutely noted that the "riots" began when the roll call started. At the time I distinctly thought that the timing was absolutely intentionally designed to stop the states from requesting more time to investigate the various allegations of voter fraud.

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They have all gotten so creepy. Mine asked mental health questions even though I've never had any history of mental health issues. The funniest part was that at the beginning of the year they sent a brochure through the mail, touting the new services that are available. Literally 1/2 of the cover page advertised enhanced mental health services and the other half gender surgery, I should've kept it as it perfectly describes the time that we are living through. When I did see my primary, she tried to talk me into a tetanus shot and referred to a database that my state collects on all of us, and what we have been injected with. Obviously, I took a pass.

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