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Whoever is using a bot script to MASS DOWNVOTE you is a giant glowing fag

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I’ve been calling him. He seems to just be playing the same game the Democrats are. Keep the pressure up and maybe we’ll see a different tune from him

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Holy shit dude. That’s all I can say. Holy freaking shit!! I hope this doesn’t end well for her. What an underhanded shitty thing to do to someone that’s supposed to be your ride or die. God be with you pede!

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DONT FORGET to harass the lazy grifting good for nothing AZ Attorney General about WHY the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors is getting away with defying a Senate subpoena! (602) 542-5025 ((Press 1, then 0 for the operator to leave a message!))

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Stop shilling for this guy. He’s a RINO who supports red flag laws

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He makes it perfectly clear that he despises white people. Why they give him views/business, ill never understand. His new special wasn’t funny, just pointlessly edgy

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Your parents are misguided fools who let the tv do the thinking for them. My condolences

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Nooooo we couldn’t possibly do that /s

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