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At around 4:20:00, they start talking about the "elephant in the room" being the all-cause mortality (D:L Ratio).

One minute into it, they show a table and they point out that 5 people die for every 1 live "saved". If more people are dying from the jab than actually living, then it should have NEVER been pushed in the first place!

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The story of Marvin Heemeyer, a man who was willing to comply every step against an enemy that wanted none of it.

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Shoot first, Military Trial after

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It's all good fren! Share your story with your friends, family, and peers so they all have a basic understanding of Ivermectin and not one the fake news blasts all over the place.

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Gee... just in time for the Audit Report. Nothing coincidental there!

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Good question fren. I guess the mods missed this one but it's climbing upward.

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