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Yep that's how I took it. Dialed to 250 and squirted

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Am I wrong for wanting to put it in a display box on the mantel?

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I guess I'm never seeing Germany :(

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If it's the kind of Karen I'm imagining, she's a fat lumpy bitch who's fupa is so big she has trouble getting in and out of the car, so she wouldn't be able to even get it rolling

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This is all so sick... Aside from the heart shit you could be reading the description of a flu, or the cold from hell that you only get every 4-5 years 🙄 This checkout lady at the store was coughing and had a face diaper on and was almost frantic trying to explain "I'm not sick, I'm not sick, I just sprayed sanitizer on the inside of my mask because I dropped it and it hasn't dried yet" I told her "Even if you were I don't care, I have an immune system, don't worry about it, calm down" .... I'm still absolutely boggled that they were able to get all these idiots so paranoid and deathly afraid of the common cold, as if it's something that should have never existed and will kill you. Like they're entitled to live their entire lives without catching a single sniffle or something

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What if I spend 5-10 hours a day here 😂

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I died laughing at the thought

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I'm morbidly curious to see wtf they do... The sizes are already small as it is

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Not all of us are lucky to have conservative families :(

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I hope to God I never shit like I did for those four days after I took ivm for the first time. Couldn't even hold more than a few sips of water

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