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Weird little paranoid schizophrenic.

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Bro the Jews are coming for me!

All the Jews?

Bro come on! The Jews are evil!

Do you mean literally all Jews?

Seriously man? I'm done here.

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Don't be weird. The message behind this meme is something we should all agree with.

Kanye acted like a crybaby leftist. He spouted leftist rhetoric. He failed to distinguish between all Jews and a coordinated group of elite Jews.

Kanye intends to run against Trump and take votes from him. He is not our friend.

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Pretty sure he's done this on purpose so that when you search "Trump din(ner)" it'll come up with this instead.

He obviously meant denier, but he's famous for using typos to gain attention or distract.

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The guy made a point about maturity and your response was to mention a genius? You think maturing leads to intelligence?

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This is utter delusion.

Tim sat quietly and let Kanye spout his nonsense for about 20 minutes before he started to AGREE with Kanye that "they" were silencing/deplatforming/demonetizing him and then Kanye asked "who is 'they'", trying to bait Tim into saying "The Jews" and Tim said "The establishment media..." and was cut off by Kanye throwing a pathetic tantrum and walking off.

I can't believe you wrote all of that, anyone can go watch the video and see that Kanye was completely unwilling to tolerate even another voice, never mind an actual dissenting opinion.

He tried putting words in Tims mouth, then stormed off when Tim said something completely true, and supporting Kanye's story.

It was so childish and pathetic.

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Literally this. Even when Luke tried to agree with him he thought he was disagreeing and it sounded like he was nearly crying.

Massive ego.

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He literally wouldn't shut the fuck up and nearly started crying when someone would interject to agree with him.

He's a sensitive little man and he embarrassed himself with this.

I probably agree with him politically, I think he's good for "our side" and he's calling out many truths, but he acted pathetic here. He wanted to talk and not hear anything other than "Yes sir".

I was genuinely interested in listening to his side of things and learning more about Milo and Nick and they completely blew their chance at getting their message, their side, out to the only people in the world who'll listen.

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Provide his quotes.

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So then taking it at face value, at best it shows that the vax does nothing to prevent deaths, rather than causing them.

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They would rather gather up the naysayers and put them in camps than admit that they were deceived.

They aren't like us and never will be.

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Thanks for this. I'm pretty sure that's what I remember too.

He spoke about a personal experience, expressed his feelings about it, actually had one of his most personal and genuine/real moments during his whole "troll" antics and then got completely betrayed for it.

I'm pretty sure he's said and done shitty things and that he's very self serving, but I don't care. He was an incredible warrior in the meme wars and his values definitely align more with ours than any leftist ever will.

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I barely know anything about what has happened but honestly why the fuck are you so bothered by any of it?

You sound like a lefty applying a purity test to people.

If I'm missing something then tell me, but all people involved are anti-woke, anti-left, right? That's good enough for me.

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Prove that he's a pedo-apologist.

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Maybe they're not as powerful as you think, and the richest man on Earth is a bit more powerful than you think.

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Stacey Abrams taking a knee on your neck 🤢

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I think you're being pedantic with this. He literally was dying and was struggling to breef, just because he's technically still breathing and had a few breaths left in him, doesn't mean his statement "I can't breef" was incorrect.

There's a viral video recently of a man being locked in a suitcase by his wife who mocked him when he was saying he couldn't breathe, he died, from suffocation.

You absolutely can muster up the energy to say you can't breathe whilst being slowly suffocated.

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I'm not disagreeing at all, but the other "bad" thing about the video is that he just stays there... for so.. fucking... long.

There's no reason to continue "kneeling" "on" or near him at that point, he was limp, he'd stopped breefing, he was an unconscious or dead body and Chauvin and the Asian just remain in position for such an unreasonable amount of time.

I'm not saying that them doing that caused his death or even influenced it, but it was insanely bad optics and a retarded choice. Even if it was policy to remain like that until the ambulance arrived, which I don't think it was.

They simply stayed like that to defy the hostile mob, so you could argue that the hostile mob made the situation worse.

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Our facts and reality are nothing compared to the mass media propaganda. Something needs to happen there, Twitter not being woke may be the best first step towards that.

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At this point the goal shouldn't even be to win over the so-called "normies".

The vast majority of people have chosen their sides.

They're either tribal groupthink NPC's or they're individuals who question things.

Too many people would never admit that they were lied to or manipulated, even after the consequences of their naivety leads to the death or serious health repercussions of themselves or their family and friends.

There are two narratives, the vaccine causes sudden death and "long covid" causes sudden death.

The vaccine takers aren't going to suddenly admit they were wrong and adopt our views, they don't benefit from that at all and it doesn't make them feel good.

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