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The headline above the fold was “Denmark's Queen Margrethe strips” and I thought she had to do that because of gas prices.

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Honestly, this sounds even worse. How does knowingly falsely accusing veterans who organize to help people—whom they already investigated!—even help the regime?

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They’re $37.

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It’s on the lens of the phone they’re using to screenshot the post.

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Humanity just functioned worse before medicine, soap, cars, the wheel, the Bible, writing, and whatever else we’ve kept around.

Are you saying that people were prescribed some medicine as children, “grew out of” the symptoms, and for some reason choose to continue to take a drug similar to the medicine that treats the symptoms they “grew out of”? Have you thought about that carefully? I don’t think you should accuse those people of “issues.”

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Or the WEF article itself: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2022/08/ethics-not-technological-limits-will-be-the-guiding-factor-for-an-augmented-age/

The author is one of those stupid quacks who want to deny medication to kids with ADHD.

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The same one that recommends installing their weather apps on your phone, and then sells your location to the secret government police, yes.


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The Weather Channel, since bought by IBM, began naming storms in 2012.

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Frazier Prospective has 38% reading proficiency and 20% enrollment, so unless those were measured at different times it’s the percentage of enrollment.

Which means that many schools have one student passing the tests.

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