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How Christian of you. Fuck off

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Gotta say celebrating a human offing themselves and encouraging it is pretty fucked if you ask me. They're freaks of nature but I don't think they deserve to die like that. Not saying this about the post itself, but some comments.

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Didn't you know? The more you pay at the pump, the less racist you'll be! Weeeeeee! I mean, REEEEEEEEE

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Mission failed. We'll get Em next time. ;P

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Like... what's stopping them? They're the highest court in the land. Scared they're gonna get whacked? Fuck it, we've all had to get used to Zoom calls anyway so the SCOTUS can just do that. Do it all over the airwaves.

They could literally give America back to the people but won't.

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My older brother got into Alex's work around 2005 and back then everyone was so asleep at the wheel that my whole family thought he was the "crazy conspiracy theorist". Turns out, he's the smartest of the bunch and everything came true. Go figure.

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And what will come of this? Him going to jail? Never in a million, zillion years. Demonrats are above the law. Only our side has to comply with laws.

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Hopefully more happens than strernly-worded letters

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Look outside. Do you see death at every corner due to a terrifying pandemic? Or do you see a normal, bright sunny day with people going about their business?

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You are amazing. I agree with everything you said. I love strong, believable heroines. Not tiny chicks laughably throwing around 250lb dudes like nothing. Women can be badasses, but this agenda is just so forced.

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Also within the last few years was Blade Runner 2049. I went into it expecting a wokefest but for a modern sequel, it was amazing

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Our republic

Agreed though. ironic. insert Sidious

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