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I'm jealous. I live in New England. Probably won't be able to see him :/

by seilgu
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I mean she's an idiot but women aren't inherently morons. Most have to be guided to righteousness by men who haven't bought in to the mainstream evils of the world, but I digress. Women absolutely deserve every legal right men do.

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You know one thing I'm proud of that Trump did? Bringing up the very fact that globalists exist when speaking at his rallies. I remember back around 08 when I started researching for myself. Alex Jones was alone out there talking about globalists. David Icke too but Alex has that gusto.

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Oh I can imagine. As they're scratching their inner monologue is "REEEEE damn Trumpanzees! I LIKE high gas prices! How dare they call it like it is!? REEEEEE!!!"

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Well I'm hoping that in 10 year's time, a lot of these kids that have grown up and hopefully grown out of this crazy shit and had procedures done or taken drugs that they can't change back from inflict their fury upon these folks responsible. These poor souls will one day want to have children and be vengeful about their broken bodies.

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Fuck the variant. My life won't change one iota.

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