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ꓘⲶꓗ! 🐸👍 Human waste recycling is real, that's what Bill Gates' hobby has been for the last couple years. Saw an article of him drinking treated feces water the other day and had to laugh since the irony was so strong.

Also, your memory is very good. I've been around since June 2016, though not as early as some of the the OG-OGs. I feel like a cockroach after the mushroom cloud came and went since seven years in politics is like fifty years of normal life.

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Truer words have never been spoken, and this is why I am an optimist. The toilet is always half full. 🚽💩

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Newsom won't be the nominee because they will attempt to install him like they did with Biden. Remember that Biden and Harris didn't win their primaries, either.

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Metal bands don't treat their fans like this. Stop supporting violent apes. It's time for cRap to die now.

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They never left. He's as doomed as Biden.

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Good, one less pedophile. He can take his Jewish guitarist with him.

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One strip of bacon would shut that entire operation down for months.

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They are stupid enough to prove the case against them.

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The City of San Diego was something to be proud of 20 or so years ago. It was clean, the crime wasn't too bad compared to the other California cities, the weather is amazing, now it's ruined.

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Yet another Jewish kiddie diddler. Seems to be quite a trend with that demographic.

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That's because they are laundering our tax dollars. Makes you wonder what would happen if Biden was audited by the IRS.

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There was a shift about the same time when Papa Murdoch dropped out, left his libtard sons in charge, and Ryan joined the board. It happened in a very small time window.

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Don't tell me, all the poll workers were black with a couple token libtard women on the side.

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Joke's on her, there's hardly any meat in Subway sandwiches. I remember their ""5 dollar footlong" bullshit campaign that ended up being about $6.75 after adding "extra meat" and having it heated.

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Jeremiah Waylon Hawkins

Funny how there isn't any photo of the sex offender.

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  • 'Cause I'm praying for rain
  • I'm praying for tidal waves
  • I want to see the ground give way
  • I want to watch it all go down
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I'm talking about Congress. We didn't get rid of Obamacare because of Shitstain McCain. They didn't want to fund the wall, so Trump had to divert funds and play magical cash bags to build most of it, but it was never completed because they were stalling. Dozens of other important bills were blocked by Paul Ryan for two years who wouldn't put them to a vote and died quietly into the night. We ate shit big time because the RINO problem is just as bad as the democrat problem.

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