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Biden is a special kind of stupid, and so are his supporters.

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That's the plan. They throw these people in these positions in the name of "equity" to intentionally fail the systems, then it's racism if anyone complains about it. Someone stayed up endless nights thinking this scheme up.

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He's more free in Russia than we are in America. That would be a hard pass, commies.

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Certainly not the left. Chicago clearly demonstrates weekly that;

  • Liberal gun control laws don't work.

  • Democrat cities are dangerous to live in.

  • Blacks are violent and are armed with illegal weapons.

  • Libtard "equity" and welfare benefits continue this trend.

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We had clean and safe energy until libtards took over the world.

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Yeah, pretty much. The numbers are a bit higher this weekend, so maybe a Popeye's ran out of chicken or something.

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