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The faggoty woke agenda is more destructive to a nation than a fucking nuclear bomb. Holy shit.

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World war 3 is around the corner and we’re going to get obliterated.

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There is a state of emergency of their own making. Because 6 years ago I was content to live and let live. They didn’t bother me or my children. Now if someone ran for president on the platform of throwing these people in gas chambers or woodchippers I’d vote for them.

I don’t care anymore.

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I mean, on top of his policies I voted for trump with the specific hope he WOULD go after and prosecute all these filthy fucks for their obvious and documented crimes.

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If we were the domestic terrorists they claim we are there wouldn’t be a target left standing. We suck at domestic terrorism frens.

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This shit needs thrown back into the closet so hard it’s scared to peek out of the door for 1000 years.

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Yeah but they weren’t doing a full court press after small children. Now they are. The entire movement is sexual by the nature of it, and anyone promoting it to children should be put in a cell or a ditch.

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I can’t.

JFC we need a righteous purge.

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All of these fucking people sleep somewhere. That’s all I’m saying.

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Maybe it’s because their names and words sound like the sounds your ass makes when you take a sloppy shit.

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Nah it’s ESG DEI black rock vanguard etc. holding companies hostage saying bend the knee and suck black tranny cock or we destroy you. Buuuut targets always been gay so probably not the case here.

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He’s pretty stout. Also clearly has a bullet proof vest on under that gay vest.

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I’m well aware. I’d just like to see the shitshow

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If you can get the message out that Jews ran the slave trade and make blacks demand reparations from them the shitshow would be amazing.

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