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Stopped into a tent..I passed along the way..Well, I got down on my knees...

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Honestly, I get tired of hearing normie conservatives mumble and complain about the woke issue like these companies don't get it. This is a long term plan to destroy nationalism and culture. Until right wing normies understand that this is fucking advanced warfare, it is only going to get worse. Yes, there's been a shock to some revenues in the short term and some pushback, but it is not close to enough

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I've always wanted to like Woody. I know he's got some dumb liberal views. But I can appreciate him taking a stand here and causing a major stir. I know putting stock in what a celebrity says is kind of dumb; however, like it or not, they do have major influence. The left salivates over celebrities, especially ones like Woody Harrelson. What he said has really fucked up npc programming. Where's the lie in what he's saying? It's absolutely true

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My comment was both a reply to an individual user and a clear generalization across all school boards. I wasn't referring specifically to this video. I didn't mention gender, but all liberals. Fuck off, asshole

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It's astonishing how many childless liberals are on these school boards. A bunch of invasive control freaks trying to brainwash your kid with their cancer ideology

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I guess that Pfizer faggot was right when he told O'Keefe that he fucked up. He knew he worked for the master class, who have economic hit men. It turns out that "Economic Hit Man" is a real thing and not just a book by John Perkins 

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Hello Professor Falken....

Shall we play a game?

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Well, our current system has led to oligarchy, as Plato said in The Republic. I don't think that's what was intended to happen. It has happened, however. So, not sure. I struggle with this 

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It is Hegelian dialectics, and it is pathetic. Until people on the right fully understand this, we will continue getting our dick kicked in. At least, more and more here seem to understand this which is promising

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Yeah, I'm not one to muse over Shakespeare, nor am I a serious admirer of his works. I like Macbeth because I get the theme in relation to the Tudors being very much into the occult. Of course, Queen Elizabeth I was very close to characters like John Dee. For example, Edmund Spencer's "The Faerie Queene" was a very hermetic occult text. I'm pretty familiar with Hamlet because I took World Lit in college. I don't spend much time with Elizabethan era literature unless I'm looking for something specific. I like John Webster's play "The Duchess of Malfi" from the Jacobean era. 

I was making a point about how the global elite plan to censor the arts from the public, which is an idea dating back to "The Republic" of Plato

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Yep, they will. Evil, eugenecist Bertrand Russell talked about how the plebs won't read Shakespeare in the future. In the future, only the elite will have access to the real arts. The public will be so brainwashed and dumbed down that they won't care.. It's like Picard in Star Trek keeping a copy of the Globe Illustrated Shakespeare under glass

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Sorry, got busy at work. So, Jay has written several books and a bunch of articles, which can be found here: https://jaysanalysis.com/ . I'm not sure if Richard has written any books, but he is extremely well read and does deep dives on global elite writings. They both have YouTube channels and collaborate from time to time. Richard has a podcast he runs called Grand Theft World.

I think their bread and butter is geopolitics and lecturing on these global elite texts. Honestly, I feel like I've learned so much from following their work. I have a subscription to Rokfin, which gives you access to all their content and a bunch of others. Keep in mind Jay is a devout Orthodox Christian so he does view the world through that lens.  

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Yes, that's exactly right. For example, Bill Clinton was a Rhodes scholar

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Thanks for the nice compliment pede. For those interested, I highly recommend Richard Grove (forensic historian) and Jay Dyer's content. They are both excellent researchers and can really put it together a lot better than I can

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The FBI and CIA are the private armies of the international industiralist/banking combine. Just like MI5/MI6(SIS) were spun up from the East India Trading Company spy network and the Rothschild banking empire..That same spy network was expanded throughout the US in order to subvert it. The Rhodes-Milner group set their scope on the belligerent colony. Their purpose is for human betrayal. It always has been to protect the zillionaire banking elite class.

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Yes, and co-host Mika Brzezinski is Zbigniew Brzezinski's daughter. Zbigniew was a top globalist brain hand-picked by David Rockefeller and the primary organizer of the Trilateral Commission. His daughter is now a top propagandist, along with the murderer Joe Scarborough 

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Is that when he said on his deathbed that all the news is fake and they plan to fake an alien invasion

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Yeah, no one has a problem with you using common sense and washing your hands. Not saying you should go in there and fucking lick on the plastic. Wiping everything down like some masked soy-faggot is cringe af 

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