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That's the ONLY way to restore confidence. Consequences and LEGITIMATE prosecutions that are transparent.

We all just want the damn TRUTH. Good, bad, AND ugly!

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God gave us the power to intervene at varying levels.

God is working through these parents. God isn't just going to sprinkle you with blessings, but God will give you and anyone else the strength to push through evil to what is right.

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That's all right. Can't stand Ben Shapiro but even he is right every once in a while.

This is all hands on deck. People can deal with his ilk after we get the country back on track.

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You are totally wearing a cape and a fake mustache with a top hat in your grandparents' basement.

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First thing I thought.

He has the evidence and is the witness that would sink the whole thing.

Bieret didn't kill himself.

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No, you made yourself look like a jackass and I see you're continuing to by doubling and tripling down.

Look up the status of her cases. She's not losing.

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Sal LaBarbera is legit. That guy is very well known. He's one of the most highly decorated homicide detectives in the history of policing.


But this dick knows better, I guess.

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Standing in the dirt in heels.

Grace and poise.

Couldn't ask for more.

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