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Changing parties doesn't seem like following orders to me, especially since it cuts off MASSIVE funding. But I don't really know much about campaign finance.

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She’s held out and challenged crazy policies more than actual rhinos.

Not saying I’m putting any faith in her but I’ve seen her ask tough questions without being scared. She ended up voting eventually with her democrat colleagues and I guess that’s what matters to most here but … I dunno I see this as a good move.

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There is very little lobbying money for independents compared to democrats or rhinos so no that’s not it.

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Fetish masks.

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Absolutely but not until the “right case” comes along.

They can’t really pull issues in front of themselves that aren’t alleged by any party in the pleadings. That’s why lawfare is so effing frustrating, part of the strategy is to carve out issues so as not to raise some material issues knowing they could affect other strategic moves, and focus on other things like drawing out timelines etc.

Law is disgusting because lawyers make it disgusting not because the issues are sticky. But I’ll tell you, there is so much political bullshit in the courts that wasn’t there before that big law firms basically OWN judges and the judiciary.

It’s so heartbreaking. The courts really were these beautiful entities where solid thought went into crafting (s’HIPSTER) decisions that would be praised and would endure, even where parties disagreed on the outcomes.

Now it’s just a total joke, a case mill where cookie cutter judges issue cookie cutter rulings for their cookie cutter friends who pay legal fees to keep the system going.

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The courts absolutely were stepping in, especially in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin I believe, and now Arizona, by ignoring the legislature and letting the governor or secretaries of state change the rules despite legislatures openly objecting.

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Exactly. What ELSE can we get done is the questions.

Democrats didn’t get us to where we are over night they have been plotting for years.

I have to say though that if this were a criticism of McConnell I wouldn’t challenge it. But McConnell doesn’t seem to have done a single thing to help anyone but himself.

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No win is a real win we’re all gonna die we might as well have democrats because at least they won’t try to do things like this then after they pass and people get help they need they won’t be any better off because REEEEEEEE

We don’t have to white knight anyone but seriously, everything is black and white with people here now.

Point out the concerns, we watch our backs, and we keep it moving. This is why we lose, people like you want ZERO middle ground, you need to read more of President Trump’s writings.

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Everyone here knew who Jim Baker was but Elon somehow didn't.

That's pathetic.

Now we see how clueless most people are on this stuff.

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They’re absolutely questions we should be asking, yes yes yes.

Big wins she’s had:

Wrecked Marc Elias’ contention of Virginia election integrity measures, worked to get Larry Elder back on the California ballot, and she racked up tons of wins for Project Veritas.

I don’t have counterpoints because those articles are from Sundance and Sundance picks enemies and goes hard at them, and he is wrapped up in the “RNC and anyone associated with them is the enemy,” which is fine since he does a lot of footwork. But Sundance refuses to run for office himself and has the luxury of the big picture from the armchair, and right now I still think Harmeet beats McDaniel and since she is OPENLY in favor of Alex Jones as well as Kari Lake as well as James O’Keefe and she openly recognizes Scott Pressler, and she has a proven legal track record, relying on Sundance and getting caught up in the attacks is counterproductive.

Democrats do not eat their own but conservatives and republicans are all too quick to do so while overlooking the groundwork that has to be done to get into any position of power.

The RNC is trash right now but one thing Sundance points out that I agree with is that they are all about big donors. They go where they think they can get the most donations. Harmeet has a track record of being outspoken, like I said above, and she COULD work to fix everything that Ronna McDonald fucked up. But it depends on the state and local chapters, they have to step up and make sure their delegates are ready to be heard but it’s not easy to become a delegate and I’ve seen those meetings, you want to talk about swamp.

They’re all afraid of people like Harmeet and just want to “strategize” and eat cucumber sandwiches instead of fucking getting shit done.

Harmeet has supported Kari’s run from the start and while voting was going on she used her platform to tell people NOT to get out of line and continued to provide real time assistance instead of sitting back and stuffing her face with Moon Pies like Ronna McDonald. This site is full of her tweets.

The lawsuit was never going to go anywhere and every lawyer knows this because of ripeness etc but she still filed it, even though attorneys were sanctioned for doing the same thing in 2020.

She is not afraid. But she can’t do anything UNTIL the election was certified and now she has time to figure out next steps but there’s also a MAJOR election going on now in Georgia where she was involved in helping get legislation passed and protecting that legislation from leftist attacks in court.

When Georgia is set she can come back to Arizona but there was nothing she could do after the judge (not her) decided to throw her case out. She had to wait but people call that walking away from Kari when that is absolutely not what happened.

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Whoever is “controlling” Biden is not uniparty they are far left.

They only want to destroy DeSantis. Uniparty will find a way to back down because they don’t want to fight they want to profit off of the fight.

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Actually a good article.

They’ll make it contingent on some sort of social justice cause, Florida will sue and win. But it will take years.

Process is the punishment.

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I only add that actual fascists can have a -100% approval rating and still do whatever they want.

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I don’t discount your theory.

My main problem is that this anti Harmeet rhetoric all started at once and has ignored the wins she’s had, these are MAJOR wins. I don’t trust most of these people much but I always want to hear from those like Kari Lake and President Trump and Kanye and others before jumping on bandwagons.

It isn’t that there are concerns it’s that they cause these major sudden upheavals in this site and what seem like bots echo the narrative without considering the full context, then people who have been here a while start fighting with each other.

Are we really that weak?

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No problem.

Look if Kari eventually decides against relying on Harmeet then fine, I don't care.

But I can see patterns when they emerge because I've been here for a while. Everyone should be criticized but let's not jump on the bandwagon and ignore the primary sources.

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Here we GO lol

Every time.

Florida got it done in a day. So many other states got it done in a day.

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