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Was he having his Puerto Rico cousins over for dinner when it happened?

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I really don't understand where the intern was going with this.

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They don't have mail-in ballots.

"The Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin Senate races are considered the closest Senate races in the nation, rated toss-ups by non-partisan race analysts. The elections in those states could result in razor-thin margins of victory. The closer the results are, the more that the increasing use of mail-in ballots may become key to determining a winner, and those could take time to tabulate beyond Election Day."

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I can't believe he could actually pronounce "sanguine".

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A D.C. Council committee unanimously approved a bill to allow non-citizens to vote in local elections on Tuesday, with an amendment clarifying this would include undocumented residents in addition to those with legal permanent residency, along with two other potentially significant bills.

In the same session, the Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety approved a measure to make voting by mail a permanent feature of D.C. elections.

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Don't forget the salad.

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"Republicans, do not dare to make the mistake of thinking you will get our vote just because we believe in exercising our Second Amendment." the speaker exclaimed.

"Yes, I'm talking to you Ted Cruz, and Governor Abbott," the speaker added. "Don't think we are standing with you because we are against illegal immigration."

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They're immigrants.

"The U.S. government must end the “venomous nativism” of ordinary patriotic Americans by flooding it with tens of millions of immigrants, according to two immigrants, Indian-born Deepak Bhargava and South Korean-born Rich Stolz."

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Despite a population of only around 1,800 people, it has a murder rate on par with one of those English villages where eccentric PBS detectives try to figure out why everyone is dying.

At one point it had a murder rate higher than 90% of the nation’s cities.

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