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Do you live near Ft. Mill? All the people who want good schools and don't want to live in Mecklenburg County and pay those taxes move to Ft. Mill.

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It got cucked because of Raleigh and Charlotte. Look how many more voters there are in those two places.


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Well, he didn't have anyone running against him except for Cal Cunningham.

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As the time gets closer, I will publish lists for you.

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Yes, definitely a great addition to the state!

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I believe you! That’s why the establishment likes him.

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I think Mark Walker had his name out there more before, and Walker seems to be who the establishment wants. I will do what I can for Budd!! I know he's who Trump endorsed.

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They probably let him put something in it for Idaho that he wanted so he'd vote for it.

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There was nobody running against him except for a democrat.

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At least Burr's retiring. We need to get rid of RINO Tillis.

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He's currently running behind Mark Walker. We need to get Budd's numbers pumped up.

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The stupid headline is a lie since in the article it even says they're just making it smaller.

"Hannah Hankins, a spokeswoman for Obama, confirmed the event change to a smaller one in a statement to Insider on Wednesday morning."

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