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>expecting big daddy government to stop a genocide, let alone a white genocide

Maybe we deserve to be genocided...

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Wait, wasn't the person you're quoting a massive retard and hypocrite? Yep: https://www.openculture.com/2016/12/when-ayn-rand-collected-social-security-medicare.html

Huh, just learned this other negative she had: https://www.ranker.com/list/ayn-rand-intimacy-facts/crystal-brackett

Truly someone who should have been forgotten long ago.

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Fake news. I read the bill. There is nothing in there about removing tax exemptions for churches. Notice how the OP "forgot" to post a pic citing that part of the bill? Pics or it didn't happen. Don't believe everything you read on Twitter folks

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You don't actually ever need to convert it into fiat. I'm trying to rent out the spare bedroom in my house right now, and I'd happily accept bitcoin instead of federal reserve notes as rent payment.

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I don't think we need a revolution. But for everyone who wants one, I just gave you your first actionable step. No one even has to die or go to jail if you just drive around burning down telephone pole lines and releasing insects or mold into the food supply to starve people.

When the authoritarian boot stomps us down even harder in response, and no one can escape into a bliss of pizza, TV, & beer, it'll be all too easy to find comrades for your little revolution.

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No, but name a single female politician that A) has good policy positions, B) actually makes meaningful change instead of tweeting all day, C) isn't retarded, & D) isn't evil.

I'll wait.

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No. The elites realized millennia ago that the best way for them to maintain their power is to provide their underclass with free bread and circuses. You never found it strange that no one really gets prosecuted for pirating entertainment anymore? That weed is pretty much legalized everywhere? That the healthiest food is usually also the cheapest (black beans, chicken breast, etc)?

Most people live pretty comfortably in America. If you want a revolution, the first step is to become the bad guy. You have to take away everyone's internet by burning down power line poles. You have to dump boxes of cockroaches into meat processing facilities so they get shut down. You have to shut down the supply chains so no one can eat. It is only then that you'll get the revolution you so crave.

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I think he's saying: WOMEN πŸ‘ SHOULDN'T πŸ‘ BE πŸ‘ POLITICIANS πŸ‘

Pelosi sucks AND Boebert sucks.

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To this day, no one has stolen money by hacking the Bitcoin Blockchain, despite OVERWHELMING financial incentive to do so.

Conversely, elections are regularly stolen using our current system of voting.

Blockchain voting is the answer. Dont worry your pretty little head about it. Let us men take care of it.

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Thank goodness I keep all my crypto safe and sound in a wallet I actually own. Lmao at all the retards who don't withdraw from exchanges the second the transaction goes through

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you already have a credit score that factors in trouble with the law. fascism happened decades ago

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Very nice explanation. Of course, the fedcoin they want to roll out will be just as centralized as the USD. They probably won't even let citizens own their own wallets

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same way we do now. at least we could stop hand counting ballots

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VoTe ReD oR eLsE yOuRe DeAd

Maybe, just maybe, you should think a little harder about who you vote for next election, rather than simply voting for anyone with an R next to their name

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Richard Patton

Why is it ALWAYS the white men who get caught subverting elections?

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