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The internet never forgets, you stupid bitch.

spez: lol looks like some faggot with sand in xir vagina is downvoting all the comments, get rekt fag

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How is its ass in the front?

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I'm not an FFL, I'm an owner. And if they don't have a warrant, they can indeed fuck off. The comment I replied to literally said "ATF popping up on people’s doorsteps to harass owners" and that was the context of my reply.

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Citizens bank deserves to die just for their obnoxious AF ding-ding-ding-d-ding-ding commercial.

BoA just deserves to die for being a general piece of shit.

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My brain automatically translates “experts” into “assholes” in real time now. Thanks experts!

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The WEF isn’t pushing us to eat our own feces YET.

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S&W has a rebate on a bunch of models until the end of the year, check it out.

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Freedom is a well armed sheep.

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You know, if this bitch doesn't like it she can go build her own twitter.

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I'll believe it when I see it.

spez: haha I see the leftist faggots are already in here downvoting. Come at me bitch, I wear your downvote like a badge of honor.

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