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Maybe Ohio railroad worker shouldn't be such a low information BITCH.

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Too bad, the cbs bitches are already back.

Leaving twitter is the new “moving to Canada” shtick.

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You are nothing but unorganized grabasstic pieces of amphibian shit!

That entire scene is pure gold.

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Fucking Austere Religious Scholars: The Dindu Edition

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That's FetterMA'AM you ableist shitlord reeeeee

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Yep I'm well familiar with that saying. And about Rush, a friend of mine back in the day used to listen to him all the time, and got me started watching his TV show. I remember his "XXX days left in the Clinton presidency", good times.

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My family was staunchly democrat back when I was a teenager, because my father worked a union job and we believed democrats were for the little guy. I actually even voted for Dukakis.

But now? I (and the entire rest of my family) have woken up and are fucking hardcore MAGA to the bone and would never in a million years vote for a democrat again. So I'm living proof that people can come around and be genuine in support of MAGA.

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