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From the Washington Post? lol they are definitely partisan. But one of the many complaints about Trump from his enemies, is that he is pandering to the working class, being disingenuous in his role as a populist leader.

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From the comment section of the video:

"Here's why he made this video as per Washington Post: Instead of exercising his commander-in-chief duties to help protect the Capitol from an attempted insurrection, Trump watched the attack play out on television. Though not necessarily enjoying himself, he was “bemused” by the spectacle because he thought his supporters were literally fighting for him, according to a close adviser. But, this person said, he was turned off by what he considered the “low-class” spectacle of people in ragtag costumes rummaging through the Capitol.

Legal counsel Cipollone warned the president that he could have legal liability for having encouraged the riots, a detail first reported by the New York Times, and urged him to clean it up. He and other lawyers helped the president understand that once he leaves office, he and his family would have considerable legal exposure on multiple fronts, an adviser said.

By the end of the day Thursday, Trump had relented, having seen some of his biggest supporters abandon him and considered the prospect of impeachment."

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McCain lost to Obama on purpose, just like Romney did. Both elections were a farce.

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Whatever makes you happy, weirdo.

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Not defending Byrd, but he wasn't referring to defending himself against Ashli. He was referring to the mob of angry people she was trying to unlock the door for

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comparing the car to an iphone is the most cliche, generic, basic-bitch complaint there is, and immediately exposes you as a hater. When planes came out, you were the douchebag that called them a telephone and proudly stated how youd prefer to drive. When the first gas powered auto came out, you are the same person that said screw that, i prefer a horse and buggy. OKAY BOOMER

by Runfree
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lol yep, you sure are. That's why im deleting your comments. oh wait...

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No they wouldn't, delusional LARPer guy. You think dads at the PTA meeting worried about their children's curriculum are gonna start shooting cops? Yeah, that'll be great for their kids - dads doing life behind bars or killed in a shootout with police, but at least they didn't teach you CRT!

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I can't say fuck Joe Biden at church, sorry if you think that's unpatriotic. Morons don't understand nuance.

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