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The Covid shots aren’t vaccines

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Russel Brand is fantastic, I wish more people would listen to him, I think he’s got a better chance of waking up the brainwashed lefties than Joe Rogan, not that Rogan isn’t good at what he does, but Russel Brand was always one of them

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Idk about these clips specifically but they have recently put walls around the white house

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Because he had to break voting laws to “get the most votes in history”

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We shouldn’t send China a single grain of rice, let them starve. Maybe then they’ll over throw their evil overlords

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The clot shot got him, he’d be doing some good right now

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I fucking love Jordan Peterson, but he needs to realize our 2020 election was stolen or shut the hell up about it

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Is it the maga movement when people in France, Germany, Australia, UK, etc march for freedom?

This movement existed before Trump and will exist after Trump

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