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I think the globalists might be trying to pivot us into right wing fascism because their left wing shit is failing so hard.

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Thank you, we need to keep talking about brainwashing even if just casually like this because that’s what’s happening.

Once you learn just a little bit about brainwashing, and psychological manipulation/abuse, it’s like putting the “They Live” glasses on.

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This shit is retarded, China is just going to change the name of the factory or start shipping the same shit out of a different factory

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lol this shit was way worse than just the bears, how about the documents and books in the images with references to child abuse.

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lmao how could this have been deceptively edited, he said what he said

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I’m not saying that we let our guard down, I’m just saying there’s no reason to act like they’re more of an enemy than they are, we could be friendly, we turn a blind eye to other countries atrocities that are far worse than anything we’re even accusing Russia of doing.

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Why can’t Russia be a friend? We seem to have no problem being friendly with China and they’re wayyyyy fucking worse than anything Russia has even been accused of

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Lol I absolutely want black people to have guns once you have them you’re on our side about not giving them up, all “gun control” is racist

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Yes, we are trying to protect women from men.

It’s not “coded” at all, we say what we mean we don’t use all the fucking euphemisms you authoritarian bastards do

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Yes, Hunter Biden's first reddit post was a comment saying "it's all nonsense"

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misinterpretation my fucking ass, fucking hell that shit pisses me off, it is fucking obvious that the revolutionaries who just fought with civilian owned arms were talking about securing the right of civilians to "keep and bear" arms so that if necessary the people would be able to do what they did.

It's also well fucking documented outside of the bill of rights exactly what the intentions of the founders were when they wrote the second amendment.

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100 million? Lol I’ve heard estimates over 6 times that

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and that's without batteries for going off grid

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Idk I heard something about some kind video coming out soon?

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