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Is that the "one egg per customer" enforcer in the yellow jacket?

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The first column of the article tell us all we need to know:

Mayor Ron Nirenberg - is "Also a CPS trustee"
11% rate hike ( "pair of 5.5%")

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Who is going to fly those F35's now?


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A 500% loss would be a good start. Having Alphabet pay fines with interest for all the music videos they made money off playing without copyright approval for a long time would also be good.

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All adult people who are in favor of tranny surgeries should be fully trannytized themselves. It will remove them from the gene pool quicker.

Yes, that may mean cisfems like Dolly and Tay Tay get zippered, and deholed. It will also mean sports ball world would be turned upside down.

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This is the first picture I've seen of a vulture using a laptop.

vote DNC forever <-- we are here
vote often
vote early

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You've never had to restrain a violent/drugged up person. . They are restrained when all four limbs and the head are under control and they can't harm themselves or anyone else. Holding someone's hands behind them isn't remotely restrained.

Try it a few dozen times and we can talk again about what restrained means in this context.

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it was in a trap fighting for its life

At the point shown in the video, he wasn't fighting for his life, he was fighting to get free of the police. They aren't necessarily the same thing. Criticism of the punches to the head and the kicks is valid. Skepticism of police intent in general is valid.

Aggressively resisting police is like trying to out bite a pit bull.

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There's no way to win unless they like you and you flirt with them.

Or you are with a hot woman. Women want what other women have.

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Just part way through the videos - One of the body cams clearly shows Tyre is not just resisting, but flailing at the police.

Aside from this - we have 6+ years of prior history How so?

What has MSM's position been over the past 6 years versus what the truth was? The opposite of what they claim is usually the truth of any story. If there is a grain of truth to any of their "news" it is exaggerated and distorted like blaming the sand in your shoes from a beach trip for causing the Sahara Desert.

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Hmm, I wouldn't be surprised if Gulag did own them or part of them, but if you have a link to something showing that I would be interested.

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Texas and Florida should start taxing the CA government for all the economic disaster they have wreaked on America. Start at $90 Trillion in tax, and tell them 5% of will go to support Ukraine.

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