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I can totally understand that, he has one of the most severe cases of TDS ever known to man.

Thats why it was interesting that what he was saying was almost 100% pure "America First" (he's just too blind to see it, which is kinda the point I make).

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Inspired by the greats like Victor Davis Hanson, Salty Cracker, Robert Barnes, A.J. Lauren Southern, Liberal Hivemind, and so many others, I decided to start my own politic youtube channel


I don'd pretend to be in their league, but I have this video podcast (simulcast on my local college radio station) so if you all have any input, suggestions or thoughts, let me know (even if you think its terrible, its good for me to know whatever you all think - good or bad).

Thanks fellow pedes.

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Hi, I didnt mention your user name or anything, but I did make a youtube video about your post, hope thats ok?


i'm brand new at making you tube videos like this, but your post did inspire me!

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I am sorry for your loss.

What a wonderful gift to him that you were able to take care of him at home, and with family.

Not every family is so lucky, and its not possible for all situations (so no shade at those that need to put parents or loved ones into managed care)

but just know, what you were able to do for him was truly wonderful.

I'll say a prayer for dad, and your family tonight, fren