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She is sent on a literal assignment here.It does not matter where she goes to.People like her are never loyal to the nation they reside in.

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I have written posts on this.The first thing would be identifying useless narratives an frameworks that have never worked;most of these frameworks are leftovers from Neo-cons, Controlled opposition and Libertarians.

Conservatives need to redefine the kind of society you want;You cant conserve current America; it is an abomination to God,the founding fathers, founding stock of the nation.You need to be right-wing traditional revolutionaries who want to preserve and conserve the most important things of classic America.

Conservatives need to focus on their base and demographics. They need to make sure that the historical White Population remains the Majority; that is the most important aspect of conserving the Nation.

We need to learn how to effectively utilize power and strategize properly against our enemies.the "muh hypocrisy" narrative doesnt work.

I can tell you more later but this is what I just got off the top of my head.

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She won't be reduced. Look at her background. her people invented communism and she will just be transferred somewhere else.If she was a trator to her people,you would be right but she is doing the bidding of the globalist elite.

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You can do a lot of things. You can support him but dont put a dependency on Trump. There are a lot of things that MAGA can be doing besides muh audits,pandering and listening to Trump.We can also be organizing ourselves in lot of ways especially training, fitness,study clubs etc.

The current MAGA strategy is weak.

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All these faggot cuck republican and conservative talking heads flipped real fast. Seems like they got "the talk" from our overlords and got the message, loud and clear. I'm glad, I see this as a sign of more acceleration.

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I like how the "racists"(I mean the actual intelligent and intellectual racists) are right and the antu-racist conservatives and leftists are always wrong.

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I have heard Pedes say the same thing.the truth is that most people here are not conservative or nationalists. They are just liberals who follow whatever Trump says.

If many pedes were really nationalist or arch-conservative, they would reject almost all of Trump's liberal or left-leaning policies.A lot of Pedes were cheering many socially liberal policies that Trump pushed; they would reject those same policies if a democrat pushed it.

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The constitution failed because people over-relied on it. Many folks here still are brainwashed about many things.I dont see any hope from the muh audits and the new MAGA congressmen because no one in the mainstream right including Trump has the balls to do what is needed.

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How has the constitution helped you? it is just a piece of paper.America has been subverted since the civil war ended and the constitution never saved anyone.

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Conservatism has always been fake and gay. I want to believe otherwise but it seems conservatism has to be destroyed.

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The "muh capitalism" folks always confuse the free market and capitalism. Capitalism has done good but it is the ultimate tool of subversion. Most communist nations have been funded through American capitalists.

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How am I wrong? You didn't answer my questions and You certainly dont speak german. You are a shifty shift.

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You never answered my question.You are projecting and accusing me of what you are doing.

You are the typical JIDF clown.

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