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They would have no mercy on you, no reason to give a shred to them.

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Yeah the whole goal is to get their youthful energy and looks then grow ugly together.

Sorry the propaganda got you my friend. It had me for a loooong time too buy luckily the right girl came along to kick my ass into gear.

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Not passive aggressive, just absolutely ridiculous, stuff to laugh at in a history book level, propaganda.

Like the stuff from the 1950's that you watch/read today and think to yourself "who actually believed this? This can't have actually worked on people"

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"I win, you lose" are the only rules they follow.

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This is just like that BLM guy who tweeted to "burn it all down" but then called them animals when they came to his neighborhood

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Yes but there he is with the new ambassador to Ukraine in charge of rebuilding children's schools.

You know the lady who's friends with the Clinton's, Rothschild's, Epstein, John of God, Bill Gates, Lady Gaga and now in charge of children in Ukraine.

This explains why the uniparty cares souch about Ukraine, its their source of white children to rape.

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She's the common link between Bill Gates, Epstein, satanic pop artists, child rape, uniparty.

Whatever system we're fighting, she plays a central role in it. Very connected

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Yeah the Epstein/bill gates/child trafficking/Rothschild witch put in charge of rebuilding CHILDRENS schools in Ukraine is nothing to raise an eyebrow at.

This bitch is linked to every person of interest, every child rapist, every uniparty politician, vaccines, etc...

Whatever role she plays, its central to the child rape part of whatever the hell it is we're fighting.

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This right here proves its all connected to Epstein/child trafficking/bill gates/uniparty.

This bitch is the center link between ALL of it.

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"Good intentions" DID override the law in the 2020 election though.

We've been occupied for 3 years now damnit

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