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That cartoon looks like me. Idk how to feel about it :(

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I'm not from US but when Vaccines started rolling a nurse died on live tv after taking the shot while trying to prove that vaccines were safe and our government is trying to roll out mandates for federal employees.

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We don't need anymore cucks here. In fact you take our cucks. That cancer spread here from US anyway.

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O yeah I also stopped drinking Coca Cola. Used to buy 2 liter bottle every day, but I cant even look at their logo without disgust anymore.

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That was my body type 3 months ago. Low fat diet and simply walking around does wonders.

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What the fuck is on her nose ? I thought it was dirt on my screen and tried to wipe it off.

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oh don't be a faggot like that. Back when i was a kid i had a gaming guild called suicide squad in a shooter game and it got banned because abbreviation game gave us was SS and some faggot complained about it. I hope his dick fell off when he went to watch Suicide Squad movie.

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I just checked it out. Swedish team took a knee too. Fuck em.

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Hey make fun of soviets all you want, but even with all it's misery and suffering it was not as disgusting as current tranny infested child molesting west.

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How are those people so fucking ugly ?

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It's hilarious how people just bent over and took it.

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