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America is on life support already and this admin/elites/powers that be are having one last fuck party over it before it dies.

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For most of human history, a benevolent dictator is the safest style of life.

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Didn't get into the Pelosi or McConnell stashes either

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The problem is this whole country is an asylum, run by thieves, lunatics, and murders.

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But see the political double speak. No amnesty for illegal aliens.

The system and unI party will just classify them as trans-state nomad persons with cultural ties that predate the found of the US.

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So are we loving in satans 1000 year reign now? Would make sense

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I would be okay if solar warden was real. Yet based on our society, I feel like it's just wasted on corruption, bribes, politicians, MIC, and NGOs.

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Much of the starvation due to the Allies

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Susan Diane Wojcicki was born on July 5, 1968, to Esther Wojcicki, an educator of **Jewish **descent

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Good thing those MAGA companies can't get bank loans, can't advertise, can't recruit, can't be successful unless they toe the line.

The whole system is rigged

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"Ahh but see, it's Drumpfs fault" they screech. "The government is only looking out for the people that are marginalized, and that includes me, right?" they yell. "I have to SAVE those less fortunate from the EXTREME SUPREMACISTS" they cackle to themselves at night while they drift off to sleep on a winebox and catnip high.

Little did they know they would be the first in line to be blamed, as they were useless pawns that had already met their sell by date.

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He said what he was told to say by his handlers. Come on man.

Don't rain on my leg and call it piss - Biden probably.

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Interesting you mention that, just as this film about cannibalism is coming out..


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"Misleading: An autopsy determined that the death of a four-year-old boy in Argentina, named Santino Godoy Blanco, was due to pneumonia, which is a lung infection. Therefore, his death was unrelated with vaccination in general or COVID-19 vaccines in particular. There is no evidence indicating that the child had received a COVID-19 vaccine"

Hmmm pretty quick to assume that the vax didn't IN ANY WAY cause this issue, along with bacterial infection from mask wearing.

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