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TBH, I fully expect when the vax hax happens to me, I have been seriously looking into either the trades (plumbing/electrical) or coding or both.

Something where a physical or productive service is required will always be needed.

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And today many regular slave traders are Muslim, Chinese, Indian, and Africian , with many sex slavers being Jewish, Mexican and elitist Whites.

Humans are terrible people all around.

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What do you mean these people? They are violent persons regardless of race/creed/belief/etc. You're the one triggered in this case.

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Stafford was a nice town (compared to richmond or dale city) but I guess as people flee DC/NOVA to Stafford and Fredericksburg, the crime follows as well

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Unfortunately that tends to go towards mob rule.

Now if those people would focus and influence local politics that would then influence state and then federal, that would be a good system. Oh wait, that’s what the founding fathers intended and we have slowly lost that over time

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What the hell is happening to my state? Sic simper tyrannus is the motto and yet the richest county in America (loudoun) is having scandal after scandal.

It’s as if when life is too good, there are too many weak people which leads to shit times.

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That’s Just communism with the extra steps.

But for real, the next step past communism is feudalism so yep, checks out.

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It’s easy to walk away. They don’t care, you’re replaceable to them. A cog that has a million more diversity hires waiting.

Hit them where it hurts.

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Soy boy open mouth is equivalent to chimp fear/bite face. Primal instinct of monkey brain. In chimps, its a sign of fear.

Soy boy face is the human equivalent. It's why you see all teeth/gums but no smile in the eyes.

"Chimpanzees have a wide variety of facial expressions but a true smile is not one of them. The expression commonly believed to be a smile – where the lips are pulled back completely to show both the top and bottom teeth – is actually what we call a fear grimace. Chimps make this expression when they are afraid, unsure, stressed, or wanting to appear submissive to a more dominant troop member."

https://chimphaven.org/chimp-blog/chimp-myths-and-facts/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2555422/ https://chimpsnw.org/2013/09/chimpanzee-smiles/

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Good thing islands don’t move and provide a false sense of security.

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Yep. See the problem with this plan is that people will get absolutely savage when hungry. Imagine even a few thousand people that know about this and having nothing to lose. Good luck elites, you’re looking at a few thousand winter snipers at a minimum.

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