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Obviously, it doesn't count if you take an area by force and force everyone to vote by gunpoint. I know you hate free and fair elections. But this is the definition of 'election fraud'. Don't know why you think fraudulent elections are ok, but most people don't.

Before the war there was no majority at all for joining Russia. Now with an invasion it's suddenly 90%? Sounds legit.

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Lol ok, again everything you say is fact free with zero evidence. This is why nobody takes you seriously.

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Fuck off, what a sad reaction. Just because we don't agree doesn't mean I'm left in any way. Fuck you for trying to censor me.

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At a minimum. Anything who claims less is a liar. The internet is scattered with videos of Russians being killed by the dozens every day.

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Lol, sure. Just because a case makes no sense from a legal perspective, doesn't mean they are 'compromised by the Deep State'. Just because you disagree with a legal decision doesn't mean they are 'controlled'.

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So I get that we finally stopped crying over 2020? Biggest source of salt the libs have ever seen.

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Ah yes, the new red line. What makes this one different than the 10 red lines before that?

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I mean the anonymous of source of the story from Hersh of course, you fucking moron. You know this whole story is based on that single anonymous source right?

Probably the same source who was the base of 10 books about Trump.

Oh right, you believe those sources as well? Then why are you even on this site? Fuck off.

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"It has been prooooven because of some shaky story by an anonymous source. I'm a retard who believes anything I'm told" - you

Fuck off you idiot.

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Look, this was mostly about bringing on people like Sidney, Wood, Giuliani, Lindell etc.

They ARE fucking retards and totally insane, everyone knows that....they are traitors to MAGA. I'm not surprised if they turn out to be psyops to make all the election fraud claims look crazy.

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How to ruin your whole channel with 1 video.

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It also makes no sense for the US to blow it up.

Russia's motive could be to freeze the EU (which utterly failed btw). Russia doesn't give a fuck about economic damage, as the invasion of Ukraine has shown. Also we know by fact that Russia lies about everything.

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Sure, but that's not what your post is about. The quote is Fake. The Pentagon rapport about the weapons seizure mentioned is Fake. Your post is just gay as fuck, you faggot. Don't try to wiggle your way out of this.

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That's rich coming from a country that is BFF with Iran. Also, this in no way means this is an 'ISIS fighter'. Seems more like general Islamic symbol. Stop falling for Russian propaganda.

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