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And often multiplying their carbon emissions 5 fold or more the moment they set foot in the USA.

Not that I believe in that shit, but still Leftoids don't care.

Doublethink is a helluva drug.

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This is true, but many Normies think this is false scaremongering. Especially the ones with liberal arts degrees.

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There's one written by a guy who survived, with his infant kid (but didn't save his father I think) during the Siege of Sarajevo. The mafia was out in force. And yes, many of them had rifles before it started. The one thing though was that NPCs kept believing the best of all possible worlds from TV and Radio until they could no longer do so due to meatspace reality.

One great takeaway: Wear cheap silver rings/necklaces. If the mafia/gangs stop you, or you need to trade, rip it off and say "This is my last one/have the necklace grandma gave me for confirmation/etc.". Too many people who showed too many coins/jewelry at the undergroud markets were followed home and looted, usually gangs who were friends of the guards at the "Free Market". Where Mr. Smart Precious Coins Prepper had to watch his family get murdered and raped.

EDIT: Yep - That's Selco - should have checked the link before I posted!

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Is it me, or does the Media move from Current Thing to Current Thing faster and faster?

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It's a gay disease spread by "Close Contact". First European outbreak traced to a Gay Bathhouse - excuse me, "Adult Sauna" in Spain.

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We beat the RINOs in the Pennsylvania Governor primary for a Stop the steal Master MAGA Mastriano.

The only reason the GOPe is anywhere near the Senate is because there was no clear MAGA frontrunner (Oz and Barnette combined whopped McCormick's ass).

MAGA candidates are crushing RINOs all over the nation.

We ejected the NSBA's Texas Chief weeks ago, before NSBA admitted they wrote the Parents=terrorist DOJ letter for the Biden Regime.

Elon Musk is screwing up the False Narrative Machine twitter like a mad man. Looks like we got ourselves another billionaire who is now talking about...

Hillary's deliberate leak of the lie about Trump-Russia collusion. Which you can add to Hunter Biden's laptop for more factchecking face on egg

CNN+ collapsed in days and Biden's Ministry of Truth fell apart in a similar timeframe.

Biden's record low approval.

MSNBC and CNN are freaking the F out over November.

The Media Machine is running out of bullshit, they now have to create Monkeypox to distract from Ukraine and Baby Formula shortages.

2000 Mules sold out almost everywhere. Normies and Foxwatchers getting red pilled. Despite the fact the Establishment Media including Fox and Newsmax has been in maximum denial and factchecking gaslighting about the Fraud.

Winning. Winning. Winning.

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"Oh yeah, well next it goes to the State Supreme Court so DOOM! DOOM! DOOOOOOOOOOOM! Do Something, It's all the Burgs, Hear my Defeatist Sperg! DOOM!"

Sorry, Doomer, the State Supreme Court has a DeSantis appointed majority!

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Texas tossed out the long time Texas head of the NSBA from his Board position in the election a few days ago.

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Nice. I never ate salad until I had homegrown tomatoes (Brandywine) with some argula. Salad actually had taste! Not like crunchy air drowned in some syrupy sauce.

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Traditional Substitute is Goat's Milk with the liquid from some soaked cereals, usually rice, and a pinch of molasses (which has iron and some sugar). In Mid Century, during the Baby boom, they added some vitamins to the mix and replaced the molasses with a little bit of Karo Syrup.

Compare with this Swedish Formula based on traditional recipes: https://www.foodnavigator-usa.com/Article/2019/11/14/GROW-Vaelling-draws-on-Swedish-heritage-to-launch-a-better-for-you-alternative-to-toddler-milks

I'd probably toss in a little cod liver or krill oil into the old mix and give that.

The FDA cuts no ice with me anymore.

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LOL, looking at your post history.

Mostly one sentence posts, half of them ending in calling another poster "Faggot".

At least you earn your 50 cents.

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Society has created the idea of "Party Years", many modern women only start looking for partners when they notice the first wrinkle or grey hair or that they aren't the prime targets at the bar anymore.

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Nah, some world traveler brought it from Africa to a Spanish "Adult Sauna" (formerly known as "Gay Bathhouse") and from there to Canada and/or Massachussetts.

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"C'mon guys, let's leave Valley Forge. We're boiling our belts here. Let's just give up and beg King George's Pardon and give up Protestantism. Everybody knows we ought to be under one Church and one King and obey his every Divine Diktat like the rest of Continental Europe. Nevermind any man claiming to be a Divine Leader is a lousy dirty blasphemer."

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Yep, false flag GAB users trying to bring people to the FIB's honeypot that's already had it's users full contact information hacked by Trannie Leftist Activists.

(If you didn't know this, ask Andy)

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And the location of the spread?

An "Adult Sauna" according to the Telegraph UK.

That's what people called "Gay Bathhouses" until around Yesterday.

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You mean Pedo Focault, the most cited "Academic" in modern times, world.

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Looks like the CCP and FIB are really pulling out all the boiler room personnel today.

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Just don't go to Gay Bathhouses, or what the UK Telegraph calls "Adult Saunas"

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Time for Bavarian Nordic (patent holders of Vax) to profit!

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