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Yep, it comes out to one drop of something spread out over the solar system, diluted to the point where you can't detect anything of the compound you're diluting.

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It's about DW's revenue. They'd be the distributor and they're far more dependent on Youtube than Rumble, also the former is a Monster source of views and the latter has a single digit fraction of them.

I know Crowder is on Rumble and I try to use Rumble whenever possible for Styx and others, but right now if they signed Crowder and he got banned from Youtube, they'd be in deep shit trying to hold up their obligations to him without those clauses and probably with them.

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Ron Klain's resignation was no accident. It can be interpreted so many ways. Wartime Consiglieri needed? Pissed from being out of the loop on the Document Scandal?

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"We have a process, so anything bad, is okay because a process was followed. Even if that process was illegal." excuse

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Plenty of slaves were sold to Arabs over the Sahara on trade secret routes.

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West Africa was rich and well developed, one state had a bureaucracy of trained women who went out and verified taxes were being paid, and were married off to governors and royalty to keep tabs on them for the ruler. Planned city Grid streets in Dahomey and elsewhere.

The Kootekintay Roots crap of living in huts and being raided by Europeans is unalloyed BS.

West Africa was like Rome, they invaded neighbors and made each other slaves, selling them first to the Arabs over the Sahara (helping make TImbuktu rich) and then to the Europeans. Europeans did not invest Africa until AFTER the Slave Trade was over, limiting themselves to a few coastal stations off the coast and mostly populated by petty criminals in lieu of hard time. Despite being on promitories/islands these trade forts were extremely unhealthy due to malaria.

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They have one, it's Jordan, carved out of 3/4 of the Mandate of Palestine.

90% of the population there claims to be Western Levantine Arab aka "Palestinian" per the KGB media op of 1967.

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Another evil Lesbian... check out Marion Zimmer Bradley, sci-fi author and first female Hugo Award winner (though now that award is complete garbage, like the Pulitzer).

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Anybody remember those purple haired freaks being paid by USAID in Moscow? The punk rock girls that never played any music? And the media never reported that they shoved frozen chickens up their vag in a Supermarket during business hours?

State/USAID paid them to do this kind of thing on churches there.

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TL;DR: "Abandon Christianity, drawn down the Moon, stick a quartz crystal up your ass, and go dance naked around a burning wicker man, roasting some chickens to Wotan."

Truth: Jesus is the Way

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If DW depends on Youtube, Spotify, etc.

And Crowder who would work for DW gets demonitized/banned/suspended, it costs them money, money they aren't making because the talent is not able to work and get views.

Don't hate the player, hate the game.

It's the Big Tech Oligarchy that is why the contract is the way it is. If DW has any faults, it's for not using Alt Media like Rumble enough.

And there is a Silver Lining: Crowder is so good, better than most CNN/MSNBC hosts, that the opening offer is $50M/5 years. That means we're winning and our shit attracts views.

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Funny how OnlyFans and all this stuff is "Empowering", K12 and colleges are offering instrux in sex toys, but prostitution is still illegal.

Of course, there's a reason for that. If prostitution was normalized half the population would have to shape up. No more $100 foodie calls from simps.

Our society is so messed up that a gal with no skills or money would be insulted if offered $200 to sweep, mop, and vac a 800 sq ft place, but happily take $200 to provide XXX pics to strangers.

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These kids are being taught an exit ramp is an on-ramp.

As a Medical Pro, I can tell you, the exit point is all but guaranteed great way to develop difficulties and certainly an STD.

Millions of years and nature/Providence has not provided antibiotic/antiviral protections in the no go hole, unlike the other two locations. Take that as an indicator.

We're seeing people in their 20s with butt problems like obese/sedentary people in advanced ages, and it's because of the "New Society" teaching buttstuff.

Also, WTF with teaching minors about sex toys? Aside from the values/morality issue, I take it the kids these days are excelling so much in Math and Science and Reading that we have plenty of time to devote to this crap? /s

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The funniest one is:

Woman: "I hate women, they always complain, gaslight, and misrepresent to each other."

Guy: "Don't they do this to guys, too?"

Woman: "Oh, never, women don't do that to men, only to each other."

I find that hard to believe, heh.

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I agree in large part, but the big problem is "Death by a thousand cuts"

I had no problem telling women I wasn't going to cut my hair or do this or that.

But when you're married with kids, you worked all day, did childcare, went to the gym, took care of the bills, and then she starts on you (and you're getting older and less energetic to boot), you give in a little here. And then there. And the years go by...

Let me give you an example. After 7 years of marriage, with an infant and a toddler in the house: "We need to go on date nights, and not expect sex afterwards."

Me: "Hell no. I wouldn't put up with that from gals when I was single, I'm certainly not putting up with that foolishness from my wife."

And if there was a sound effect for getting a wet vagina, it would have played at that point. I know how the game is played, I had it 90% figured out by around age 20.


"Can't you just let me buy this chotsky from Amazon for $50?"

(After work, gym, pool clean, trim hedges, night of diaper changes/feeding): "Ugh, all right, but just that$50"

Next day, check account, it's like $125 spent.

And yeah, as the breadwinner I took her off the bank account. The bank automatically put her back on. She always found a way.

It's hard to be "on" all the time, esp. when you live with somebody and kids are around. Like anybody, I need time and space to be 100%, when you're married with kids, you can't get those few hours to recharge often.

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Will the sales tax apply to buying and selling stocks and bonds like it will to buying and selling other assets, like gold coins or collectible car parts?

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Y'all might want to explain a little bit more about a video that's almost 2 hours long. Theology is a broad term and can emcompass almost anything in the Bible.

"If you won't click on this two hour video by an unknown guy with a Comic Rune Font in the chyrons, you're a cult member" is the sign of being in a cult. Never heard of Adam Green.

That being said, I saw Lisping 23-year old Virgin Fuentes for a second.

I only scrolled through the video, but I have a feeling this is a call to tree worshipping wicker man burning pagan AntiChrist tomfoolery.

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