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The left is in a hail Mary type of situation. Hold the line and don't allow mail in voting. We will win

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Learning basic English sentence structure will triple your positive posts reactions. Your opening makes no sense at all.

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Haha SHILL HAHA. Do you think we are stupid?? This is the most intellectual site on the web son. Ill get your ip, your home, brother sister? Mom work? Ill find it.......now

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I thought it might not have happened, but I checked it out, I live 2 cities south of Oxford. You have to question anything and everything the news puts out. I'm not mad at op at all.

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It really happened. Yes, Oxford is a smallish city, and most people knew the families. So sad

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I'm tired of black stupidity. They want to be stupid. They will beat up people who want to do good in school, and make fun of your light skin. I'm tired of black people. They think hate all day everyday. I didn't hate you, but after I learned how much you hate everyone that's not black?? I hate you now.

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Nah,its time to fight back. Ill pray for your safe fight. Live or die brother , live or die.

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Twitter will not be Twitter anymore with the new head. I have a feeling mass exodus is about to happen, which means in 3 months twitter will be burnt out.

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I can't imagine anyone using Twitter now that you can not use another persons image on your post. Strictly for the narcissist now.

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