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Nah. We just need to let Crowder, Jones, and others (Rogan’s heading in that direction) to cause them all to explode in fits of rage so they’ll leave the state.

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I call baloney. Never seen a bureaucrat open a letter with the phrase “Good Day”.

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Uh... yeah. I got that.

But it's the same logic Leftists are using to shame the unvaccinated.

Zuby's the man.

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There's some concentrated leftist logic, folks. Ain't she a beaut?

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We're on the same side. It's not either / or, it's both / and. My point is we keep fighting, and fighting, and fighting and never give up.

You have your reason, I have mine. Let's both keep fighting for your brother, niece, my children, and all the rest who are too scared, too weak, or too brainwashed to fight back.

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The Lord Jesus Christ already won. I don't have to be successful, I only have to be faithful.

We will win, because God cannot lose.

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Trick question. You can't achieve something that's unachievable.

Equality of opportunity has already been reached years ago. Equality of outcome is impossible.

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Definition of Sepsis: "Putridity or putrefaction; decomposition; rot"

That's not new.

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Keep praying for her and your kids. History WILL prove you are right. Leave the door open for future reconciliation.

I'm going through something similar right now. I've taken a new job, and am preparing to take care of future sick family members. We are in a cold war right now, which at any moment could (and probably will) explode into a hot war. China is in real trouble financially with their real estate bubble collapsing. Xi will likely invade Taiwan, touching off WWIII.

So in that context, keep loving your wife and kids. God made men for times like these. Find other like-minded folks and thank that Chaplain of yours for good advice.

May God help us all.

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It's like the old joke: If you're not a Socialist by the age of 20, you have no heart. If you're not a Conservative by the age of 40 you have no brain.

I am interested in outcomes. Socialism is evil, but it seems like it's better. Conservatism delivers what Socialism promises but does not.

One is true. The other is a lie. I'm sure Seth Rich was on the road to age 40, but we will never know.

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We get it. He was a Bernie Bruh, then worked at the DNC. But he did do right by the country to try and expose the corruption he saw.

Unlike Leftists, we don't wish death or harm on anyone. So what if he voted for Democrats? Do you know how many former Dems there are here on P.win?

Seth Rich didn't deserve to die.

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Oh yes, tick tock.

I don't miss Hannity. All bluster, no muster.

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Yep. See you back in 10 minutes under another name, and I'll deport you again.

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