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What's the sticker for an electric charging station look like?

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His sister needs to tell this guy to quit making shit up and get a job.

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Tell me pappy dementia didn't say that. Please.

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Some minority of Americans had to see how bad it could really get.

Now they know.

Biden is a lame duck in his first year.

2022 will be a bloodbath for the dems.

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"Is it raining outside?"

"Bicycle pump!"

"You didn't answer my question."

"Yes I did. I'm moving to the next person."

Nothing but lies and evasion. It's hard to accept we pay her for this deception.

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I had a visit with an old friend last month. I told him I never got the shot. He was stunned. "What? There's a CVS nearby, we can get that fixed." Nope. Not interested. Not only did I courageously dodge/beat this thing with a 99.99% survival rate, I kept my genome unpolluted by big Pharma.

And as much fun as being smug is, I hope all these people are not crippled or dead in three years. Lots of friends and family were taken in by the panic.

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Vermont: the last place on the planet that still thinks Biden is doing a good job,

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He wants to understand gay rage, and he's willing to go the distance.

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Obvious in retrospect, yet I didn't catch that.

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Check Fauci's pointy hair. Scott's trophy wife in the photo on the bookshelf. The anti-gravity tie. Garrison put a lot into this one. 🎯🎯🎯

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I'm reading now about the back channel overtures Kennedy was making toward Castro before he was shot dead. Trump was a fearless diplomatic innovator. History will remember him as such. History will laugh too, because this is fucking hilarious.

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The article referenced is this one, https://dailycaller.com/2022/01/13/exclusive-texas-school-district-tells-teachers-not-to-out-their-trans-non-binary-students-to-parents/

Texas teachers are evidently receiving training tell them to NOT inform parents if their children have been corrupted by trans ideology. This is bad.

People think Abbott's handicap is being in a wheelchair. He's actually blind. You need to show him this shit or he won't do anything. He's not looking to protect Texas from liberal insanity, but he will if he can't ignore it. Speak up.

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Love the cloud. Helicopter so high, the pilot is in a pressure suit.

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