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So that's where this is coming from. Of course.

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That's big. Dumb as she is, she sees where this is headed.

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The pillow guy told me the Supreme Court would fix this last month. I hope he has a time machine.

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Remember that anonymous guy who got all kinds of free op-ed space to say there were principled people in the executive branch resisting Trump, and it turned out he was some coffee mule for the assistant to the assistant director of some forgotten agency? This feels a little like that.

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I love that Paul Ryan is commenting here.

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He is unfamiliar with basic infrastructure like water fountains. Probably on the spectrum or has some hypochondria.

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I don't know what white has to do with it, but yes, your gallon jug of water is stupid.

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A bunch of buildings housing the tomb of Peter and some of the finest treasures humanity has produced for the glory of God are not the problem. This antipope and his cabal of sodomites is the problem.

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Take whatever leverage you can at this point.

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This website spent a month minimizing it already. Welcome to the club, pal!

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Chick-Fil-A is dead to me.

On Sunday Nov. 17, Chick-fil-A was closed, as usual, but on Monday the company's charitable arm cut off future donations to the Salvation Army and sent a check to the Covenant House, a group that has hosted a local Drag Queen Story Hour and celebrates LGBTQ pride.


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After 20 years spinning our wheels, why did it have to end like this? 13 soldiers killed because someone above them decided to contract out crowd control to the Taliban. $85 billion in top of the line military equipment left in enemy hands. And just for the hell of it, 10 innocent civilians including seven children snuffed out by one of our sky robots of death.

This residency is a total disaster.

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If the prosecution has to rely on the facts of that night, Kyle will be completely exonerated.

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If you want to protest injustice at the federal level, DC is probably the best place to be.

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