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I trust Elon more than DeSantis. Don't agree with all of his views but he's putting Twitter to good use when we were looking for a platform to share this type of stuff.

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If that's true then the judge should be removed from office immediately, tried, then executed.

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The truth hurts doesn't it? But sure let your children be groomed, your cities get sacked and your women get raped so you can keep your optics and follow the narrative like a good little citizen.

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Did people not know this? We need to get better at organizing information and educating ourselves on important issues if people are just know realizing that the police led them through the capitol.

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Bring it all down. Any powers not delegated to the federal government should go to states. Shut down the EPA, FDA, ATF, etc.

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Ώρα να επιστρέψετε στο μαξιλάρι του anime σας, weeaboo

Ew, degeneracy. Your mind needs cleansing.

by Tesic
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Nebraska sheriff realizes there are two classes of society, white and non-whites, and the law doesn't apply to one class

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Γνωρίζοντας μας συντηρητικούς, θα αφήσουμε την κυβέρνηση να πάρει τόσο μεγάλη, μπορεί να ξεφύγει από οτιδήποτε θέλει χωρίς συνέπεια. Κλεμμένες εκλογές, μαζικός πληθωρισμός, υψηλότεροι φόροι, Ουκρανία $ διακοπή, ποιος νοιάζεται?

None of that is a concern. Think about the optics and just vote harder. We even made a weekly thread on solutions to make you feel better.

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It's going to be difficult, extremely difficult, to date someone without having sex before marriage. In my experience, woman will not bother with a relationship unless you're having sex on the first or second date.

That's just how bad things have gotten thanks to the normalization of casual sex and shaming of virgins. I definitely don't want people to give up but I don't want people to be unaware of the difficulties in finding a wife or husband while sticking to traditional values.

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The origins of Covid 19:


Yes your freedom was taken away because of a nonexistent threat and the Chinese are laughing at you.

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They didn't show up when I was in a similar situation and when a cop was shot to death sitting in his car in a parking lot no one responded to the call.

The cop was rotting in a parking lot for 48 hours before another blue shirt sucker bothered to check. How stupid can these cops get?

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Hard pass. Either the people should elect their own police chief or leave it under the control of local government. We don't need states taking over local government agebetter.

Edit: So if I'm understanding the issue, it sounds like St Louis has been overrun by savages. It will just be a financial sinkhole if the state takes over unless we're willing to go the exile route.

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Sucks it isn't illegal but unfortunately the Constitution would protect them. Best to protect the children and make them go back into hiding as much as possible until a better Constitution is formed.

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