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As the sounds started becoming words, we started making compound words. However, both root words are Latin in origin. So you can follow the Latin etymology back as far as we are able.

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No. Language has evolved from sounds to words over thousands of years. Unless you believe the tower of babel, then languages were created by God.

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TFW you give up your guns

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Fun fact about Hebrew, it's a made up language. It became a dead language. Ben-Yehuda revived in around 1900.

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They just add words in. It's a psychological tactic. Keep hitting low IQ, low information people with words like "disasterous" and it'll stick.

These are seeds. Plant the seeds now, it grows into a sickle and hammer shaped tree later.

The funny part is they think this shit still works.

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I promise those ballots will be altered regardless of how the inmates vote.

But this should be challenged in all states. You can't just pick and choose which rights to give back. They should have all their rights reinstated, including 2A rights, or none. Make Democrats eat the entire shit sandwich, not just the crust.

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It won't do anything if we don't try. When they're crying on the stand, begging for mercy, we can bring this up. We can tell them we offered mercy but they thought they were immune, above the law because they thought they knew what was best for the entire country.

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With the country going to shit, we need to start putting out the call for any Dominion employees with first hand involvement in the rigging should come forward to Veritas. Something like...

"The country is hurting. The economy is dying. Americans are suffering. To save the country, you only need to come forward. You will be protected, you will be heard." And then the micro machines guy is like "This offer only valid to the first Dominion employee that comes forward."

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Stop. The guy produced enough information to make his point and you didn't. It's over, move on.

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They test everybody they can. The Government was/is covering the cost of the test with tax payer money. They literally test every fucking thing.

That said, if the legal statute for kidnapping didn't convince them to let me leave with my child, I'd be in prison for beating excessive ass.

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I'd just like to point out, that's OP's mom. She actually doesn't have to get him anything and doesn't want to get him something gun related. There's nothing wrong with that. OP's kind of a dick head.

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I tried to emulate people. I have no clue who I was. I had a Master Shake phase, a goth phase, a Fry from Futurama "Oh, can I go?" phase. Man. I recently contact a few friends from back then and just apologized for being an asshole. They thought I was going to kill myself because suicidal people tend to reach out and clear shit up, even if they don't realize they're planning to off themselves.

I was like, "Nah, I just hate who I was back then and I know you guys did too."

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If they're coming to at least the bay area, I'll ship the sidewalk.

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It's school. They became the filter for ideas and just created more of themselves.

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Which Ivermectin should be. It has a better safety profile than fucking Ibuprofen. The Acetaminophen in ibuprofen will wreck your liver. Ivermectin won't. Of course, Ivermectin isn't a pain reliever, but that's not really the point. Ivermectin is so safe that governments can mail it to their entire populations and they don't have to worry about it harming anyone.

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Can I ship my pants?

You're telling me I can just ship my pants right now.

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If you read enough of my comments here, you'll know I'm privy to internal communications for the pharmacy side of wal-mart. It has its own division called "Health and Wellness." They have their own regional managers, everything. It's kept separate from "Division 1," which is GM and Grocery.

An email went out several weeks ago, maybe a month and a half ago, telling pharmacists to watch for hoarding of Ivermectin or HCQ. It also said to watch for doctors prescribing to family or to themselves. What it never said, though, was not to fill Ivermectin prescriptions. I'm pretty sure this guy has a case. It isn't up to a pharmacist to decide if you need a medication and they do not have any authority to question a doctor if the prescription was legitimate. All they do at Wal-Mart is make sure your medications aren't interacting with each other, and there's a program in the computer that pops up a warning if there are known reactions. So they really are only there for the legality of filling prescriptions.

I'm going to delete this post after a day. Greg Penner has people looking through social media for "Trump supporters," and I don't want his Stasi to mistake me for someone that actually works there.

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