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How fucking short is Zel? Macron is short as fuck already

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People who think regulation on guns is a good thing don't understand the regulation only works in a legal setting. You can't regulate illegal sales, black market sales, etc.

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That just tells me a lot of those criminals are retarded. They could spend 1k and build a glock from an 80% kit and trick that motherfucker out. 500-ish to build a basic glock.

Find a guy with a 3d printer and you can get a switch for basically 10 bucks (time to print and material cost).

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Bro, people can MAKE guns more easily than they can do abortions or buy drugs. Gun control is absolutely dead and the people still pushing it just haven't caught on yet.

I can rifle a pipe to make a barrel using a chemical process called Electrolysis. It's surprisingly easy.

At this point, the ATF should be requiring background checks for anybody buying anything out of home depot. Nails are great firing pins for slam-fired pipe shotguns. No trigger mechanism needed. Gun control is fucking dead, end of story. And our founding fathers would think it's the coolest thing that ever happened.

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If you need a movie voice type of narration, if you need narration at all, DM me.

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The current model isn't viable. They expect to be able to scale up the energy output with more refinement. This is the first time one of these reactors has put out more energy than it needs, so this is a huge step forward in understanding the science.

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Who gives a fuck? Cool pic, tired of doom and gloom being the only thing we sticky.

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That's what you get when you cheat a fucking Pennsylvania redneck retard into a DC seat.

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Yeah, this would be a violation of the 1st amendment. It criminalizes speech.

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The state's child labor laws.

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Lmao, so no western styled suits, only zigzag rainbow African patterns for you? No more churches, no more shit invented by white people, damn. I'd wanna go where the white people are if I was you.

I'm wondering if you guys ever saw the video about African homemade flying machines? It's fucking hilarious. No grasp on the science, one dude's been trying for 40 years, can only build what looks like a plane. 40 years and he hasn't understood prop blade ratios, doesn't know what lift is, or how to orient the leading edge of his wings.

Hilarious shit

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Holy fuck, I came to comment on his glasses. It's part of my job to make eyeglasses. Those are too fucking wide, he needs to fist fight whoever told him they look good. He obviously went and picked them out without her.

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That is an undeniable fact, but they'll tell you Russia has no precision missiles.

They beg for fighter jets but claim one pilot is shooting down every Russian MIG.

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If they can get DeSantis out of FL, they can undo all the shit he did to stop voter fraud in the state.

Its fucking insane when parts of Miami go red.

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