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They are all completely obsessed with it, thats why they wont let the shit go and shut he fuck up about it. once they do they have no more life. Back to their miserable life and marriage.

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Presler is workhorse too. More people need to follow his lead, what ever happened with the ama mods?

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Had to look, he really is a dumb fuck.

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I've been hooked on this guys videos lately, he mainly cooks everything outside in a cast iron skillet or Dutch oven style. He's funny and based too. https://www.youtube.com/c/CowboyKentRollins

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I think he's an arrogant prick personally., but I'd go just to see Trump speak. Might be good.

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It blows my mind some of the smartest people I know (book smart anyway) are completely consumed with the vax bullshit. I know a guy that works at Boeing and is very high up, no matter what I show him on the jab negative effects, its all conspiracies in his mind, cant be changed... Same with the masks.

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Its possible, anything is. The fact that they are all wearing almost the exact same clothes is fucking weird, who does that? These people were bought and paid to be there, in my opinion and most others.

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Every "Q-tard" I've met is very much against this vaccine, also if Trump tells me to jump off a bridge for my own safety I'm going to tell him to fuck off. Your argument is retarded.

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It's sort of like when a rich white parents child does something to get in trouble and they say "my child wouldn't dare do anything like that", when they know damn well they did it deep down.

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Sounds stupid but go and adopt a new kitten or a puppy today, it will give you a purpose and help bring you out of a hole you're in.

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The one I had when everyone was freaking out about it was all greasy and soggy, maybe I just had it at the wrong place and they sucked at making them.

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Good to know. Siamese Dream has to be in my top 5 albums of all time, it's excellent.

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Its hard to keep up, 90% of the shit I own is probably woke company bullshit right now, sadly.

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He's the exact same character in every movie, same as Clooney. They aren't really even actors. Edit: had to look up who he even retweeted, Jesus fuck.

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Hoping one morning I wake up and read he bled out in his cell, I'm sure they have him separated from all others though.

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I dont have any problem with the Q people myself, know a few. The only thing that gets to me is they still think everything that is happening is part of some huge plan thats been in place for years, and it will all play out and we just need to "trust the plan". They need to see there might not be, and if we dont get off of our asses real quick things are going to be irreversible.

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Yea he groped several on this particular day alone, all on camera. Imagine what happened we will never see.

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