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Makes my blood boil! Fuck him and fuck Commie News Network! Not gonna happen!

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Thank you for serving our beautiful county fren. The dems fucked up and they are being exposed to all the FRAUD that is happening here in the USA and around the world. The media ‘local news,Facebook,Twitter,Reddit, and all other fake media like CNN and MSN’’are our enemies. But every day they are waking people up who can’t question science and voter integrity. The media and government is pushing so hard on the vaccine because they can’t go back. They are making BIG mistakes and will continue to do so. This is when people wake up! Wake up to all the bullshit that has happened because of COVID and the deaths that could have been saved my medicine they did not want to come out. I live in the great state of AZ and I can’t wait for the audit to show the fraud that took place. It’s always darkest before the dawn. God put us here on earth…to be the ones to stand up to the corrupt government and expose them for what they truly are. I feel your pain that justice will never come to the true criminals in this world. The FBI and CIA are all in on this. Who is going to arrest them? We have to stay strong and let Gods work be done here on earth. What gives me faith is that each one of these people has to face god after they pass. I can tell you what….God is on our side. Peace and love to you and your family tonight.

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Don’t click on the shills link…the shill comes here often.

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I am a mom of an eight year old that had to go though all this bullshit! I have been pissed off from day one once I learned this covid was planned. To hurt me and my family. I am also pissed that the media made me so scared at the beginning that I actually wiped my groceries down with Clorox wipes. The media has been dead to me ever since . My daughter goes back to school in August and the school says masks are optional. I just have a feeling once “flue season” hits they will be forced to wear them again. I will tell the school and at the school board meetings that we will not comply and this is child abuse! How dare they have our precious kids wear a mask all day!!!! No hugs..No human interaction.. 6 feet apart. The only thing my child wants to do is give her friends hugs. That’s all! I am at a point that I must stand not for my daughter but for everyone’s sons and daughters. I will be the Rottweiler in this…we have 2. School has no idea what is coming!

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To all of you fellow patriots….you obviously don’t know how many patriot women are on the patriots.win. I have been on here since Reddit took us down. I am a women with pride for the USA. I teach my children the meaning of FREEDOM! This post was about women standing strong for the USA! Holding the flag of freedom! Thanks Pedes!

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‘’You need hair plugs”’

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Where is the Parmesan cheese? Lol!

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Lmao! 👏👏👏

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I am a proud mom of two girls. My oldest is 20. I gave her up for adoption when I was 16. She lives an amazing life that I could never give her. She has traveled all over the world and has shared every moment with me. I’m a lucky mom! My 8 year old is based! I am proud of her for speaking her mind about the masks and how Joe Biden is a fool. Cracks me up!

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Ohhh it is ladies..oh what a night!

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Fuck the masks! I live in the most beautiful place…AMERICA. Went to the shopping mall in Scottsdale AZ and a guy tracked me down to tell me the masks were mandatory. I was the only one not wearing a face diaper. He said I was going to infect everyone there. I laughed so hard as he stormed away. Keep the fight up!

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Love to ALL my girls out there!!!!

by Ponzo
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