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“ When I am Weaker Thn You, I ask you for Freedom because that is according to your principles; when I am Stronger than you, I take away your Freedom Because that is according to my principles.”

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So many people cheering when they got a below inflation payrise.

They don’t understand how inflation works.

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He’s probably posting to reddit how his hemorrhoids bleeding mean he’s having his first period as a woman.

Thats the kind of medical knowledge that mods have

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Everybody should exercise their free speech rights like Sweden did.

Or lose it forever and become some hellhole.

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Extreme socialists in the UK government used military weapons to interfere in US big tech Free Speech?

And no doubt the US big tech companies folded to their demands.

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Remember when Warren backstabbed her long time friend Sanders with false allegations of sexism?

And she waited until Biden’s rivals dropped out to give Biden a boost?

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Every President (except 1) has admitted illegal drug use.

Time to end the pointless war on drugs

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Your car was not stolen, we performed engineering on it that our lawyers did not recognize as stealing. Now your car is on a ship to Cuba.

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Also legacy media : “I hope my date tonight doesn’t realize I still have a penis”

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I didn’t STEAL your car. In a limited number of cases it may have been engineered to leave your property…

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If this is how they behave when they know they are on camera. Imagine how they behave to the Jan 6th prisoners every day when there are no cameras

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