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A vaccine normally benefits the person who takes it.

This “vaccine” is giving 40 young people a risk of myocarditis in return for saving the life of 1 morbidly obese person with comorbidities.

In addition, it is leaky so many virus variants have evolved around the basic protection it gives.

TLDR: 4/10 - one of the shittest vaccine humans have ever made.

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Germany literally shuts perfect nuclear power plants in order to ‘be more green’. Then the wind doesn’t blow and everybody freezes to death.

This is what happens when your universities say : “nuclear engineering degree is only as valid as an ESG/gender studies degree”

Marxism is being pushed into society by academia.

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I assume his train of thought is ;

Biden is amazing and a great leader.

Since Biden is doing a great job - why do we have shortages and soaring inflation?

Can we blame Trump? No

Can we blame the unvaccinated for why so many are sat at home? Yes!

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The next step in their playbook is probably to complain about a vague “threat” she received (but never reported to the police)

The media will go along with it - because it supports their preferred narrative

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Remember- this is the example THEY chose…

All the other teen deaths from covid probably had more comorbidities…

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Nancy tells me this is necessary to catch billionaires selling $10m pieces of artwork as tax dodges

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John Lewis Insurance doesn’t even cover this “willful damage”

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The WHO (chinese propaganda arm at this point) redefined “herd immunity” to ONLY include people who got a vaccination.

(Because president Trump probably said that natural immunity was better than a vaccine. )

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Facebook’s activist factchecker :

confirm that 29 is not equal to 30

Also Rand Paul is transphobic,racist,homophobic,Mapsphobic and deserves a lifetime ban from all social media

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She grifted for decades as Harvard’s “first law professor of color”

And she’s whiter than anybody here.

She also threw a false allegation at her long time friend Bernie so that Biden would steal the nomination

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Sounds like she realizes she was peddling a racist and bigoted ideology.

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People need to figure out when their School Board elections are. Democracy does work, you just have to know where and when to use it to your advantage. 1k+ votes can win seats.

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Where is the 4th booster jab?

Your vaccine passport is out of date. YOU ARE KILLING GRANDMA

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