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Daily reminder that Israel genocides Palestinians and persecuted Christians.

But yeah Muh Support for Israel. Stupid Cuck.

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I mean, used to trained attendants would clean your windshield and fill up your gas tank for you. So yes.

Mostly because Women didn't (and still don't) know how to work the gas pumps.

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Bro, Trust the Plan! Bro, Patriots in Control! Bro!!!!

God I wish 🤡🌎 would just end already.

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Imagine berating a Patriot over a minor grammar mistake. How Childish.

Go look at Rising & New for a few minutes if you want to correct people's grammar.

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The Strong & Intelligent Survive, is Darwinism.

As a Child did you ever climb up onto something and fall 15 feet into an Animal Enclosure?

Children usually do stupid things, but this was a new level of negligence and retardation.

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Darwin says we let the kid die because he's dumb enough to fall in a Gorilla 🦍 Enclosure.

Harambe probably wasn't going to hurt the kid, and seemed to be helping him as I recall in the video, standing him up, "brushing him off", and such.

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I think Trump is completely demoralized and was probably threatened by the FBI and Secret Service "we can't protect you", so I don't think he'll run in 2024 because of that.

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Refreshing take. You'll be one of the few who actually know how to save America because you've correctly analyzed the problems, Good for you.

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It has & always will be. The Donald on Reddit had the benefit of redpilling the unsuspecting redditor that came across it.

But ever since the Donald became patriots(dot)win things have changed.

Personally I hardly ever use patriots anymore, just hang out on Gab

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Sorry, I was referencing CPAC


Just more grift to get people to donate to "free the J6ers", knowing damn well she can't/won't do anything to free them.

Trump should've just pardoned everyone present and himself, but I guess he was too busy pardoning rappers to think of his patriots.

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You don't recall the photoshoot? The sad MAGA Hat wearing Prisoner in an Orange Jumpsuit and in a cage?

That was all staged and made the J6ers look like animals. Not to mention the insult of it, because the guy wasn't a J6er just an actor.

The fact everyone so quickly forgets and rushes to simp for MTG & Lauren is probably the absolute state of Conservatism, disappointing, go simp for your wives, that'll be a better use of your time.

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Lmao. Like this is reddit?

Imaginary Internet Points mean absolutely nothing to me, Faggot.

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But did I lie? Or misconstrue the truth?

They're not singing. The guy is just parroting some MTG Grift.

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This is why Dads are so important beating Cringe Retards until they're Based Chads.

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That is a MTG Political Stunt, she never visited them, and the person she "visited" wasn't a J6 Prisoner.

And why on Earth would Political Dissidents sing the Anthem of their Captors.

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Good. Next, we should send all Twitter Employees to Prison for assisting in stealing the Election.

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Those who love the JJ, support the JJ the most.

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You think people are "naturally" fat? You're the Retard that doesn't even understand his own Monkey Science.

Go eat a bag of dicks, Faggot.

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So weight?

Okay, so build on that. Explain to me how people gorging themselves on Food is proof of Evolution?

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