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Zuckerberg's AI control of our news is the biggest threat to humanity

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London is majority non-white + mail in voting

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The CDC already said how they want old whites to die -

“we will prioritize covid vaccine to minorities instead of older whites because they have too much white privilege”

It’s the rhetoric of 1930s Germany all over again.

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Raise the signature match issue -

Normally 5% of ballots are rejected due to missing/incorrect signatures.

This election only 0.2% were rejected as the signature verifiers were overwhelmed/pressured to ignore the problems.

So far no signature matches have been allowed.

Gavin Newsom is demanding a signature match on his recall referendum though...

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Preparing for the official CNN incited “George Floyd Lootathon 2”

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2021: California state is going to follow Evergreen State College

2024: US to copy China’s cultural revolution/Cambodia’s year zero

2028: 90% of the country forced to plough fields by hand

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They created a looting zone in response to the (media encouragement surrounding) George Floyd’s death

The media have been inciting black riots for decades.

It makes for great TV

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Seems to be a common tactic in President* Biden’s Administration.

The CDC decided that old people shouldn’t get the vaccine because they are white and apparently it is too much privilege.

‘ * Pending valid signature match. No signature match was performed

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Hire rooftop Koreans? Perhaps they are sufficiently protected from political anti-white prosecutions.

The whole of minneapolis is about to go looting TVs and sneakers (to remember George)

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I know very little about trans - but there is something fake about wanting a woman’s body but keeping your penis...

The ones who have surgery seem more genuine

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There are entire departments at big tech companies that are now 100% Indian/Pakistani

Will they be able to hire white people to increase diversity?

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Let’s not forget it was her Facebook posts that caused his beheading.

And Facebook responded by .... clamping down on innocent French people who want less violent muslim immigration.

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Why would anybody choose to be SuperStraight. It is a life of suffering and subject to BigTech and society trying to ridicule and rape you.

BigTech are trying to deny SuperStraights exist.

Clearly SuperStraights are born that way.

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You are being too kind. The trannies agenda is almost literally pro-rape.

Lesbians told them they were not interested and they use the social pressure to coerce them to accepting their dick.

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My body my choice only works if you're making the right choice. Not allowing a Trans to rape you is officially hate speech I guess. State enforced homosexuality

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She likely won’t even be named to protect her.

And Facebook will clamp down harder on French nationalists who want to restrict violent muslims entering their country

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My body my choice only works if you're making the right choice. Not allowing a Trans to rape you is officially hate speech I guess. State enforced homosexuality

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