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You can say that again.

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Pepper ball gun. Just like taser pistols are yellow.

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Their problem was pulling a shottie on a guy who didn't steal anything. One is an ex-cop, he should have known better. They should have followed him until the police arrived.

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It's a joke like everything else the woke FJB administration does.

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He was bonded out 2 days ago after he ran over his baby momma in a gas station parking lot after an argument. That red SUV is a dangerous one.

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Until I read your post turning on the "news" didn't even enter my mind.

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The German SPD won't release it. If he posted it they got to it real fast. I read the article and the story sounds legit but he should've guaranteed the truth would get out.

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The checkout woman at a liquor store had one on. If you look closely you can see her skin. She said they're called Mesh Masks. You can cut out inside layers from most masks to help you breathe.

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Prosecutors work for the Government and are auditioning for a political position. Most defense attorneys are like RINOS, they know they picked the wrong side for getting mega rich and famous and hate life.

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